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Hysterical laughter of the insane

The OB, Steve and I had a good laugh today and I can't even remember why it was so funny.

Oh! I know what it was!

Dr. A decided to give me my steroid shots this week (lung development, early delivery, blah, blah, blah). But that meant one today and one roughly 24 hours later. Well...tomorrow is Saturday and the shot is intramuscular (arm or ass...I opted for ass since it can tend to make the arm sore). So who does that leave to administer said injection? LOL!

Notable quotes that made me laugh even harder...

~Me to Steve: Intramuscular means in my rear, honey...and I don't bend that way...which means someone else needs to do it for me. That someone would be you.

~Dr. A to Steve: Do you hunt or shoot?

~Dr. A to both of us: It's ok if you can't, I don't want to cause marital strife.

~Steve to Dr. A: Is there some sort of tranquilizer gun I can use to just shoot her (in the ass) from across the room?

~Dr. A: You really can't miss.
Me: My ass is a big enough target.

~Me to S…

It is going to be a great day

It's 9:30am (work starts at 8) and I am just now logged into my computer due to "server issues."

The air conditioning, that was reportedly "repaired" this morning, is blowing out hot air into this building that was built in 1810 and has absolutely no air circulation otherwise.

I got up no less than eight times last night and am tired and cranky (and now incredibly hot).

Maybe I'll just leave blogging for another day.


One client is charged with contempt based on an affidavit that is filled with untruth (I don't want to call someone a LIAR...but you get the idea...and I have the documentation to PROVE it...sucker!).

I had to speak very slowly to a clerk at the Secretary of State's office. Heaven help us when he gets his bar results and actually becomes an attorney.

I smell from sitting in this heat.

I have to work late to make up some time.

I just discovered I will be 1.5 credits shy of my continuing legal education requirement unless I take a usel…

Mommy will not cry

(photo removed)

**Just a note: This was at meet-the-teacher. Sam hasn't had his first day yet.**

Lunch at 1300 hours

I'm not the mom that worries about her kid adjusting to new things. Heaven knows, Sam's done beautifully adjusting to so many changes in his short life that I marvel at how he could possibly be MY child (I don't do change well). I'm also not the mom to get all emotional about "my baby" growing up. In fact, I tend to inwardly cringe when I hear other mothers refer to their child in such a fashion. I mean, really...cut the cord already.

So you can imagine my surprise at finding myself ranting and raving to my husband yesterday upon his return from Kindergarten orientation. Now first, I was a bit miffed because I did not get to attend said orientation because it was scheduled at 2pm and someone had to stay home with Sam because it was "for parents only," and we do not have a local babysitter. And yes...I am also irritated that I am taking tomorrow off of work to accommodate their scheduling his meet the teacher time at 10am on a if parent…

A kindergarten riddle

What do you get when you have a Bachelor's in Nutrition and a Master's in Business Administration?

School lunch options that include Tony's Pizza (except for the one day of the month when the options include Domino's Pizza).

No, I'm not kidding.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I neglected to share...My son and my husband brought me flowers and a funny card on our wedding anniversary...then they took me out to dinner. I did nothing for them. I suck.

While at dinner, Steve and I were both a bit disconcerted that our waiter (who was also the bartender at the bar) looked A LOT like our son's pediatrician. I felt like I should order something healthy...which is so NOT the point of eating out.
I got a new cell phone. An LG enV Orange. If you click the link you will see why I'm a little afraid of it.
A good night's sleep does not come without a price in my whackadoo brain. See, the last two times I got a good night's sleep while pregnant resulted in dead babies. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why my mind freaked itself out on Tuesday morning when I woke up from a surprisingly nice sleep (I only had to visit the bathroom twice during…

Much appreciated

Thank you all for indulging me in my episode of self-pity yesterday. I'm feeling much better today thanks to a bowl of ice cream last night. One high glucose reading was well worth the satisfaction found in those Moose Tracks. In fact, my numbers are very well controlled by diet and I can reduce the number of finger sticks to a couple times a week as long as I promise to follow the diet. I promised...and I will.

It's not that it's hard to's that it FEELS hard to do. It's like I'm juggling all these crazy emotions over this pregnancy, Sam starting kindergarten, Steve finding a new job (hopefully a post is coming soon about that), and me just feeling all this pressure to make everything work. It all falls down on me at unexpected times and I write it out here so my poor husband doesn't have to listen to me whine about it (I swear, that man is a saint).

Anyway...Baby Myles is doing well. He did a little jig for us during our spot ultrasound today. He is…

**Warning: regular/normal/ungrateful pregnancy whine

I would do ANYTHING to get Baby Myles here alive and healthy.

But I just have to get this out because it is making me crazy...

I want to EAT! I'm HUNGRY! Nothing I want to eat is good for my or my blood sugar levels. I'm TIRED of green leafy vegetables and meat. I want to eat a bowl of pasta and follow it up with an ice cream sundae! I want to EAT CARBS! AND SUGAR! And I want to NOT think about whether it is poisoning my baby.

I normally LOVE to cook. I can't even stand to walk into the grocery store anymore because I'm bombarded with all the lovely summer fruits I can't eat...the snack chips I can't eat...the CAKES and the COOKIES I can't eat! It's torture! It makes me want to cry with frustration. I've put off buying a loaf of bread for fear I will sit down in front of the tv, slather the bread with peanut butter, and just eat until I explode. Seriously...this is the stuff I fantasize about (besides bringing home a living baby boy).

Add in that I'…

One of a kind

The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him. (-Pablo Casals)

His name is Myles Fisher C-----.

We want everyone to know and forever.

There is no special significance to his family names stories to be told. It is his name and his name alone...only because we like it. We hope he likes it too.

And we hope he gets to use it for a very long time in this life.

Welcome to the world Baby W!!!

In the category of better late than never...

Congratulations to Clare on the arrival of little Miss W!

4am freakout

It's 4am and I can't sleep. GB's heart is still beating...I checked because I figured the reason I couldn't sleep was because something was wrong (naturally).

So now I've been sitting here for a half hour, surfing the net, telling myself, "HE'S JUST SLEEPING! STOP FREAKING OUT!" It's not working.

So what's a girl to do? Why, blog, of course.

This is a switch. My pre-appointment freakout was relatively mild last night...I've apparently shifted to post-appointment freakouts now. How perfectly poetic. (Do you sense the sarcasm there?)

And I'm hungry.

Great. Just great. So I can freak out...screw with my gestational diabetes...and get fat...all at the same time.

This is the stuff that reality shows are made of....thrilling human drama (and too many ellipses...and yes, I had to look up ellipses to make sure it was the right word. What do you want? It's 4:30am, for God's sake!)

GB just gave me a big ole kick as if to say, "Hey nutc…

I don't want to share!

No, this isn't a childhood temper tantrum we're dealing with...It's a full-blown adult sized mommy temper tantrum. I shamefully admit that this 35-year-old woman is capable of having such breaks in my otherwise refined veneer as to have childlike temper tantrums. In other words, it ain't pretty. So I come to the fine internet folks to tell my sad tale of woe...after warning my husband it was coming and assuring him it isn't ABOUT HIM (a point I think I kind of lied about...cause is about him a little bit).

We're going through some changes in our house. Some of them come as a result of Sam's being five years old...some as a result of "the new baby" (a reference I am REALLY growing to hate so much that it may just prompt an early reveal of Gummy Bear's real name...SOON)...and some of it is surely a combination of the two. Intellectually I understand that my baby is growing up right before my eyes. And I'm ok with that. Really. I am.…

Here I am!


Genius or madness?

This arrived in the mail today from my crazy dear friend, Cynthia. Yes, it's Spam. Baby's First Spam, to be exact. Complete with a Spammer's message from Iwan Yomunny...soliciting Gummy Bear's participation in "an investment opportunity in Nigeria."

Thank you for the laugh, Cynthia. Steve is now convinced we should meet in person. He says, "She's our kind of people." I'm not sure if that's good or bad. LOL!

Save the yourself

I normally don't blog about things like this, but the Skin Deep:Cosmetic Safety Database has been a real eye opener for me. Check out the beauty products you use every day. You may even want to rethink using some of them. I have.

Lucky 13

I will love you forever as I love you now...

...with all that I am and all that I have.

~Happy Anniversary~

Secret Pal 11

There has been a serious lack of craft posts on this blog for a while now...a fact I hope to change in the very near future (like this week). But for now, I'm posting this questionnaire (so I won't forget).

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

I'm allergic to no wool. Anything else goes. I LOVE alpaca and silk (or a combo of the two).

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

My crochet hooks are stored in a hook roll in my bag. My knitting needles are thrown into a laundry hamper/wicker basket I use to stash stuff in my living room or a plastic tub I use to stash stuff in my craft closet.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?

I would consider myself an advanced crocheter and a beginner knitter.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?

Yes, but it doesn't have much crafty on it at the moment. I …

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Sam announced last week that he is now ready to pee standing up. Oh joy! Let the cleaning begin!
I'm afraid to go to the post office. I have forty-six MOM bracelets and a baby gift to mail out...all of which will require metering. The man that runs the post office counter hates it when I come in and is rather surly.
Speaking of mail...I still haven't mailed my brother-in-law's birthday card/gift. His birthday was July 11th. And grandma lives on...
Sam got mad at me two Sundays ago...because I like Tony Stewart and he was racing ahead of Kasey Kahne, the driver Sam likes. When Steve tried to tell him that that wasn't very good sportsmanship, Sam replied, "Sportsmanship is just for soccer." I think we need a little work on the concept.
Speaking of which...we signed Sam up for soccer. We'll see how this w…

So let's add sick to the mix

The humidity is apparently too much for my sinuses. Now I've got the makings of a lovely summer cold...stuffy sinuses, scratchy throat, tiredness...blah! I'm going to curl up in my bed early tonight and watch tv.

I've got to feel better by Saturday since I promised Sam we'd go to the fair. And a five-year-old at the fair doesn't take kindly to being held back by a tired pregnant cranky sick old mommy. It takes stamina to keep up with him.

I want to post but...'s so dang hot my brains have melted and I am not capable of putting words together to form sentences.

It's not the's the humidity. Oh, who am I kidding? It's both. 88 degrees with 74% humidity. Blech.



Ha! Take that nurse Marilyn!

Never one to take no for an answer...

Dr A:

Marilyn called me Friday to tell me that my glucose test results were slightly high and I needed to do the three hour screen. Since I have the meter, etc., and already know the drill, can I skip the screen and just start testing my blood sugars at home? If so, what testing schedule should I use?


Hi, Cathy,
That'll be fine---yes, please check your levels fasting in the morning; 2 hrs after breakfast/lunch/dinner; and at bedtime---we'll see how the numbers behave on your diet...
Hang in there,
Dr. A

So I win and nurse Marilyn loses! neener neener neener!

And here I was all worried

There are so many times I worry about what the last two years has done to Sam. Have we scarred him emotionally for life? Will he need counseling? Will he become a hermit in the woods of Montana writing his manifesto?

And then we have these moments that I begin to think all my worrying is for nothing.

He doesn't remember Rolie Polie Olie. For almost an entire year, that is the only show he would watch on Playhouse Disney. I bought him a stuffed Olie...and bowed to DEMANDS to replace him after one of the dogs chewed his antenna off.

Yesterday we were going through the trash bags of stuffed animals and happened upon Rolie Polie Olie and sister Zoey. Sam looked at them...then at me...then at them...then at me...totally blank. He had ZERO recognition of these characters who were so dear to him just a few short years ago. He didn't even know their names.

So now I'm left to wonder...would it be better if we let Alex and Travis fade away into the fog of childhood memories? Should we …

Strange things you see at Wendy's

Yes...that is the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.

Some day I hope to catch Herbie the Love Bug on camera too (he apparently lives around here somewhere).

If wishes were babies...

My planned (large) diaper bag came in the mail today (my friend made it).
We went shopping and I bought baby clothes and a baby blanket and a (little) diaper bag.
We talked about the baby's name.
We talked about the future...we joked whether Sam would teach the baby to be cranky...especially when hungry.
We debated car seats and strollers and swings and bassinets...we planned which baby gear we will buy (most likely on the way home from the hospital).
We've buried two babies we wanted very much.

Today at the mall we witnessed a woman say to her not-more-than-three-year-old son, "B!tch, if you don't hurry the f*ck up and get up here I'm going to beat your f*cking @ss."

Noticing that people were looking at her in horror, she followed up her loving proclamation with, "And other people should mind their own d@amn business if they don't f*cking like what I have to say."


I forgot the best part!

I can't believe that in my retelling of my annoyances yesterday, I forgot the best part! I was talking to Marilyn the nurse on the telephone and told her I was concerned about waiting to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test for a week, when I could be testing my blood sugars now. Do you know what she told me?

It is not urgent and I should try not to stress...think good thoughts...because stress isn't good for me or the baby!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the medical professional told me to think good thoughts.

And do you know what I did? (This certainly tells me how far I've come in the past two years as a person.)

I told her that stress wasn't the issue. I told her that I lost my previous two babies due to "freak things that shouldn't happen." I told her that Alex died from a bacterial infection and Travis died from a viral infection. I told her that stress is the least of my worries and I didn't appreciate the advice to just think good thoughts because go…

normal = 130 and 12

So I had an appointment yesterday. Nothing too exciting. Just little annoying things.

The nurse who is concerned that I haven't had a pap or chlamydia screen in more than a year. She wants to do this now? This is my weird infection aren't sticking anything up there now. Move along.

The med student with the overly enthusiastic attitude. "There's the heartbeat...can you hear it?" with a great big grin on her face. Uh...yeah. Now reassure me it will be there in ten minutes...tomorrow...Sunday. Can you do that? Then lose the damn smile and stop acting like this is cause for celebration. Do I mind if you measure my belly? Well, actually, yeah, I do.

The other med student who stood there awkwardly with a weird smile on his face. What's the matter? Never seen a freak before? Yeah, don't be too happy...that bugs me. Don't be too serious...that bugs me too. But what is that weird look you have? Fear? Don't worry, it's not catchy.

The d…

Missed opportunity?

She had it all figured out.

Now she's on bed-rest for contractions.

She's not due until October.

Maybe I should have said something.

Need Tupperware?

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FINALLY a coherent response

I got this email from a friend (who I love dearly)...

Sorry to give unasked for advice, but here it comes. I can't help it. Before your next dr visit or ultrasound, please ask yourself what good does it do to stress myself out and worry over something that may never happen? If something bad is going to happen, it is going to happen regardless of whether you worry and stress about it. And if you go through this pregnancy and something wonderful happens, it is going to happen regardless of whether you worry and stress about it. The worry and stress is not going to prevent anything bad happening. Picture some medieval monk flogging himself. Realize that's pretty much what you're doing to yourself. Once you realize the futility of flogging yourself, you will have the control to make yourself stop doing it. You, and you alone, are in control of it. This is going to be a long pregnancy, and you deserve only good things. This is a time to pamper yourself Catherine. It…