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65 pages

My son brought home his schoolwork from last week.

All 65 pages of it.

Is this second grade or college?!?!

Sentimentality run amok

I can honestly see how sentimentality can lead to hoarding. In fact, I think I may have some weird "lite" version of this problem (which probably explains all the clutter in my house). Today I went to the local jeweler to trade-in some gold jewelry that I don't wear.

A herringbone chain that pulls the hairs on the back of my neck. A pair of gold hoops that were bent out of shape. A claddagh ring that has cut my finger with its sharp little crown on more than one occasion.

Despite the fact that I haven't worn any of it for all these reasons, there is a part of me that found it so difficult to walk out the door. The chain was a gift from my then-boyfriend-now-husband. The hoops were a Christmas gift from my sister that I wore all the time until they were damaged. The claddagh ring was a gift from my mom.

I KNOW the memories don't disappear with the sale of these pieces. I KNOW these people won't be insulted if I sell these pieces. I KNOW all this. But still I f…

Dogs on Thursday

After being thoroughly embarassed when friends and family noticed dog-hair tumbleweeds in my house, I decided it was time to do some grooming. This is just from ONE dog...and we have eight. Your imagination can do the rest...

Whiskers on Wednesday



My husband said something really irritating the other day.

He said, "You're at your happiest when you are being creative."

And now I can't stop thinking about it because he's right and I, (a) hate it when he's right; and (b) wonder what happened to me that he has to point it out for me to see it.

The blogs I read...all creative. ONE lawyer blog in my entire blogroll of 262 blogs (and I only read that one because she rarely talks law, is an awesome mom, and she tells the best kid stories).

I've been unhappy in my chosen career for a while now. I thought I'd get over it. I kept telling myself that the intangible benefits were worth it. Now, because of my irritating husband, I'm not so sure.

So now what? Is it too early for a midlife crisis at 37?

Back to basics

Fresh Cilantro

Miracle Whip
Fresh Parsley
Green Onion

Baby shower tomorrow at work. I figure if the food is good I won't be able to negatively obsess. Right?

Perfect Moment Monday


Growing pains - a parental perspective

The first few years is easy. Keep them alive. Well...maybe not EASY but at least there is a clear directive and we generally have the skills to manage it (aside from any wonky biological factors that may unexpectedly screw with us). And you go along for a few years and you think you're doing soooo well...

And then they grow up and turn into real little people with little uncontrollable personalities.

And then you get the pleasure of the day the kindergarten teacher ambushes you with the news that your child "is making bad choices about which behaviors to imitate"...

or the first grade teacher shares the news that your child is "spending a lot of time out in the hall for excessive talking"...

or the second grade teacher sends home the weekly report that your child is "orally commenting on other students' incorrect answers."

And what do you do with that? The baby thing is EASY compared to this! You wipe a snotty nose. You give Tylenol for a fever. You…

Perfect Moment Monday

After a week of gloomy rain, the sun came out on Saturday and it was a perfect day for my baby brother's outdoor wedding. There were, of course, the normal glitches and family embarassments (and even a few non-normal family embarassments). And to make it even more fun, my friend (the professional photographer) came out from Phoenix to capture the day in photos. Snark times two...that was us...and it was great! Yes, yes, there ARE stories to share and as soon as I have a couple minutes to get them in writing, I will. Promise.

All in all, it was a lovely day and I'm so thrilled for the happy couple.

Congratulations Matthew & Shannon!

Dogs on Thursday


Whiskers on Wednesday


October = awareness month

Pregnancy Infant Loss
Breast Cancer
Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Niemann-Pick Disease
Healthy Lung
Orthodontic Health
Down Syndrome
Brain Injury
Spina Bifida
Cyber Security
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Hispanic Heritage
Disability Employment
Rett Syndrome
Halloween Safety (which wouldn't really make sense in any other month, would it?)
Crime Prevention
Reading Group
Dental Hygiene
Gay & Lesbian History
Head Start
Better Speech and Hearing
German American Heritage
Polish American Heritage
Animal Safety and Protection
Women's Small Business
Physical Therapy
Photographer Appreciation
Auto Battery Safety
Positive Attitude (I'm out)

Electric company insanity

Let's start with the first story...

Our electric company has turned us over to collections for $60 of electricity that we never used and therefore refuse to pay for.

See, we have this barn. It costs us approximately $3 a month (never more than $5 a month) to operate the lights in that barn. A few months ago we received an "estimated" bill for $30 for the barn. I thought it would even itself out the next month when we got an "actual" reading on our meter. Nope.

The next month we got an actual reading and a bill for an additional $30. We called and were told that they had changed their policy and all "accessory structures" are now charged a minimum flat fee of $30/month. Our notice of this change? Reportedly sent in our bill...which we don't get anymore because we do e-billing. So I refuse to pay and they have now turned us over to collections.

Now there is this from the same company...

To help customers use energy more efficiently, we’re delivering tw…

Perfect Moment Monday


Age is but a state of mind

Me: Just how old do you think I am?

Sam: 56?
Sam: Mommy, did you have indoor toilets back in the old days?

#41 way to change the world

Foundation Beyond Belief: Humanity at Work

It's time to make visible our values and our efforts to improve our one and only life. Thanks for being a part of it.