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Super Double Coupons at Kmart...saved $88!!!

"Americans are frightened right now"

No, Senator McCain, we're pi$$ed off. You need to recognize and appreciate the difference.


Myles' daycare called. Vomit, 103-degree temperature, and crankiness...and my resulting mommy guilt. The doctor has no more appointments today so we were directed to the emergency room. Should be almost as fun as sitting out in the rain watching Sam half-heartedly play soccer (an activity about which I now wonder "what were we thinking?").

Further exploring of the crap that is my life postponed until further notice. It's just depressing.

Wanna place your bets as to whether it's another ear infection or he caught his brother's strep throat?

Home invasion

Now I know what it feels like to be attacked in your own home.

Today we received some election mail. I can't believe the nerve of them sending this to our home...but there it was...

The front:
Vote "Yes" for Responsible Rezoning

Issue 19 is NOT a tax increase

The Township Zoning Commission voted unanimously 5-0, to approve the rezoning. Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 reaffirms their decision.

Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 will keep Township financially strong by providing much needed taxes and revenue to our community. That's especially important in a tough economy.

A "Yes" vote on Issue 19 will result in expanded wetlands and habitat for wildlife - helping make Township a leader in environmental stewardship.
On the back:
What is Issue 19?

Issue 19 is a ballot issue to reaffirm the recommendation of the Township Zoning Commission as adopted by Township Trustees to rezone 229 acres of land from R-1 to WM.

A "Yes" vote will allow the rezoning to occur…

Thank you Secret Pal!

This lovely package arrived today just when I needed a pick-me-up. Thank you secret pal!

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the washcloth has a C pattern to it and the glasses say "ripped" and "frogged" (stitching terms) cute!

Miscellaneous thoughts

How soon is too soon to put up Halloween decorations?
This blog is a jumble of miscellaneous thoughts. Perhaps this particular feature is redundant here? C'est la vie.
I tried to knit myself a scarf and failed miserably. I think I'm finally giving up on knitting. It's just not for me. Now I need to find a good crochet scarf pattern...

Of course, there are SO many beautiful knitting patterns, I just might be motivated to try it again in the future. Who knows where time and insanity might take me!
This weekend is the showdown between mommy and Sam. His room will be cleaned or he will not participate in anything fun. In fact, he is not allowed to leave his room until it is cleaned. Should be fun.
Well duh!
On the same day WaMu goes under, I…

Hurt feelings

I am not a confrontational person in my real life. When my feelings are hurt, I usually hide out and avoid the person while I stew about it for a good long while. After some time has passed, I will casually/sarcastically say something to the other person. Usually, his results in a definite lack of satisfaction in the area of hoped-for apologies.

I know the adult thing would be to address the person directly as soon as possible following the "injury," but I'm too afraid that my hurt feelings will come out as angry words and permanently injure whatever relationship I'm dealing with (as I type this I'm realizing there is a very different standard for my husband and I'm not sure if it's a positive or negative indicator of the status of our relationship). I've never had a lot of friends at any given moment in time, so I hold tight to the friendships I have. But while I'm stewing about my hurt feelings, I wonder what it says about me and those friendshi…

Election Twitter

Oh NO! Now I'll never get ANY work done!

$700 billion?!?!

And just where are they going to get all that money?

And exactly who is getting paid?

And who is going to be responsible for oversight of this mammoth project?
“Just as we should have asked more questions about weapons of mass destruction six years ago before we found ourselves in this war,” Mr. [Senator Richard J.] Durbin [of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat] said, “we need to ask questions today about where this is leading.”

The "plan" is three pages long. That's it. It started out as ONE page but was revised to add some additional language. $700 billion at stake and they only have time to think enough to write out three pages?!?! I deal with teeny tiny county contracts every day that have 40+ pages. Are our elected officials even doing their jobs anymore? It's clear they haven't put any REAL THOUGHT into this bailout plan.

By very crude math, I propose the following bailout...hand out $700 billion to the TAXPAYERS...every one of approximately 302 million people in the …

I'm going to be an aunt!

Quite honestly, I never thought I'd see the day my brother settled down to have kids. But he and his fiancee are expecting!

I know it's a long road and it's very early in the pregnancy (11weeks), but I can honestly say that I'm happy for them and the old demons aren't haunting me right now. I think I'm evolving!

Sam has strep throat

And I haven't had a shower yet today.

Fun times.

Dear Travis

I love you and I will never forget you.

Miscellaneous thoughts - Sunday edition

It's been QUITE a week. So let's see what my pea-sized brain can remember that was worth commenting about.
Female lawyers, on average, make 77.8% less than their male counterparts. Nice.
Steve was particularly perturbed at the tree that fell on his DISH Network dish last Sunday, knocking out television service just as he was settling in to watch the Cleveland Browns. In fact, he was willing to go to try to restore tv service. I gently reminded him (what-the-f***-are-you-doing-out-there-a-tree-could-fall-on-your-hard-head!?!?!) that it could wait and we would survive without television.

Electricity was restored on Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning's hot shower was WONDERFUL! Television service was not restored until yesterday and sadly for my tv-head family, I so enjoyed the week that I have now developed a plan to lessen the amount of time we sit in front of that idio…

Thank you!

Thank you Shanna!!! Not only does Sam LOVE it, but it arrived just in time to keep him warm while we had no power!


Pardon the blog silence. The power went out at home on Sunday evening thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike and was just restored last evening. A hot shower never felt so good as the one this morning.

Mutt Monday


Frugal Friday

I did one trip to CVS this week...for me. Absolutely nothing we HAD TO have. But I justified it in order to satisfy my strong desire for candy and nailpolish.

CVS #1
2 Revlon Nail enamels
1 Renuzit Tri-scent starter kit
4 bags lifesavers candy
1 Hershey Cacao Reserve chocolate bar
$16.88 spent
$15.38 saved
Plus I received $9 in ECBs to spend at a later date.

I really need to get a handle on the grocery situation around here. I've been tired and running ragged so I haven't wanted to cook. That has led to too many meals out...which is far too expensive for a decent budget. This week I hope to get it back under control and get back in the kitchen.

Where I show I'm not a nice person

"As for any concerns about the actual delivery process, Laila (Ali) is her usual outspoken self, laughing, "Now if I was the first woman in the world having a baby, I'd be scared to death!" However, she says she's feeling optimistic about the situation. "I have never experienced it for myself, but I see all of these other women that I know are nowhere near as strong as I am, physically, emotionally, mentally. So if they can do it, so can I."

"There's going to be pain," the 30-year-old says realistically. "My thing is learning the ways to reduce that pain, and be in control of yourself so you're not making it worse and working against yourself. I feel like I have an advantage just with my mind-set and with my experiences as an athlete and knowing my body."
And then today I read of her son's arrival today...and a rep's statement:
"Although mom and baby are both healthy and happy, there were some surprises during lab…

Welcome to the world Josephine Eleanor Maud!

6 lbs, 4 oz and 18 inches long

Congratulations Bon and the whole family!

Parenting question #96740576937

How do you make them understand the importance of school? homework? grades? the "permanent file?"

I have always felt stress over school. While I did reasonably well in the grade department, it never came easy like it did for some of my friends and I always felt like a bit of a fraud because of it. I could hang with the smart kids, but I wasn't as smart as they were...I'm still not. A's were work and I felt disappointment with myself if I didn't get them.

In college several professors tried to teach me that it wasn't so much about the letter grade as it was what I LEARNED! A novel concept that freed me only slightly from the stress of attending classes and feeling unprepared. I couldn't fully commit to the idea because, after all, if it weren't about the letters they wouldn't give them, right?

Things didn't improve as my education continued. My law school career was peppered with smart ass comments from colleagues who I knew would get bigger …

Patience is a virtue

Or so they say.

So this morning I patiently wait for good news from Bon.

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination: A Memoir, by Elizabeth McCracken

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

September 9, 2008 at 9:24 AM EDT

Perhaps it goes without saying that I believe in the geographic cure. Of course you can't out-travel sadness. You will find it has smuggled itself along in your suitcase. It coats the camera lens, it flavours the local cuisine. In that different sunlight, it stands out, awkward, yours, honking in the brash vowels of your native tongue in otherwise quiet restaurants. You may even feel proud of its stubbornness as it follows you up the bell towers and monuments, as it pants in your ear while you take in the view. I travel not to get away from my troubles but to see how they look in front of famous buildings or on deserted beaches. I take them for walks. Sometimes I get them drunk. Back at home we generally understand each other better.

So at the end of February, when I was seven months pregnant, we took the train from Albany to New Orleans, where I'd been invited to give a reading. …

At a recepti…

What inspires you?

As I drove to work the other morning, I saw the same four Percherons I see every morning out in the same field where I always see them. Only this morning, there was a fog just lifting from the field and they stood there seemingly surrounded by a cloud...and I felt inspired. I was sad I hadn't brought my camera with me because the urge to take advantage of the photo opportunity was almost overwhelming. It would have been a beautiful shot...

I've had a hard time writing recently. Mostly because I don't know what to write about. I'm not a creative writer and have, to be honest, always dreaded creative writing assignments. I would break out in a cold sweat in school when the English teacher would announce creative writing time. I am, I have discovered, an emotional writer. I write from a place of passion...writing with abandon about those things I care most deeply about...censoring out all the "irrelevant" bits of my life (I figure the drudgery of my life is enoug…

Thank you Secret Pal!

With school and soccer starting this past week, I totally spaced and forgot to send out a thank you to my Secret Pal! She sent me a great "take care of me" package with an adorable teabag charm and caddie, a lemon slice teapot drip catcher, some yummy Dionis Sugar Hollow Spice goatmilk soap, a Hershey's lip balm and a BIG bar of actual Hershey's (which was a little soft from shipping...but once it resolidified in the fridge was immediately scarfed down). It was just lovely and I really appreciate it. You've been a supremely wonderful secret pal sending emails and virtual cards and all kinds of wonderful things in the snail mail. Thank you! I can't wait to find out who you are and read all about you on your blog!

Frugal Friday

CVS #1
1 Covergirl wetslicks
1 Huggies sensitive wipes refill (184ct)
$9.63 out of pocket
$5.00 saved

CVS #2
4 Suave body wash
2 Newspapers
1 Playtex dropins refills (100ct)
$6.46 out of pocket
$17.15 saved

CVS #3
1 Huggies sensitive wipes refill (184ct)
$6.38 out of pocket
$2.00 saved

CVS #4
1 Huggies sensitive wipes refill (184ct)
$6.38 out of pocket
$2.00 saved

CVS #5
1 Suave hairspray
1 Suave shampoo
1 Jumbo Pampers diapers
2 CoverGirl outlast lip colors
$20.69 out of pocket
$17.87 saved

The rush this week was finishing the Huggies wipes deal before the end of August. Now we're all stocked up and this should be my last week of CVS deals for a while. All other toiletries are stocked for a two month supply also.

Grocery store (two trips)
Baby formula $14.52 (tossed the receipt before taking note of savings)
$46.44 out of pocket
Saved $8.77
We ate out three times this week. So while we didn't do mu…

Miscellaneous thoughts - Political conventions edition

Check the facts and the candidates on the issues for yourself.
Got a giggle out of Campbell Brown asking Tucker Bounds to name one decision Sarah Palin has made as Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard (about 2:15 in). For the record, I would have gotten the same giggle if it were a Democratic idiot doing the tap-dance.

And giggles...Jon Stewart...I must remember not to be drinking anything when I watch his show. I think I've choked on Diet Pepsi more in the last two weeks than I imagined I would in my entire life. Funny funny funny stuff.
Everyone should read this editorial about Sarah Palin and our reactions to her.

For my part, I will not question Sarah Palin's loyalty to her family...or the decisions she has made. I will not question whether she should or should not be running for Vice President. That is a m…

Do me a favor

After all what kind of person/god would make me lose my husband and then our baby within a few weeks of each other.
Please go over to The Tale of Two Coins and offer Jen some love.

Whiskers on Wednesday



When you say bad things about "government" you are saying bad things about me. Because I am part of that government you despise.

I do not make a lot of money but I take very seriously the duty with which I am charged. I spend every day working to better all our lives.

I am open to suggestion but I do not take kindly to verbal attacks on my character or my motivations.

So watch the broad brush you use when you paint such an ugly picture of government. You may meet me in a courtroom some day. And while I always try to be fair...I am only human.

One of THOSE posts

This is one of THOSE posts. You have your warning.

The breastfeeding shall I say?...done. Fini. The end. And while I could write all about how sad it makes me, I feel I owe myself the truth. It was time and I am glad to be done. Not so glad about the formula stains on the clothes (will definitely be taking a break from Gymboree...even second-hand Gymboree deserves better), but definitely glad to be done.

Breastfeeding this time around was easy. I attribute most of our success to my extreme gratitude. When you long to hold a baby...when you go through what we's easy to slow down and savor every moment. I remember with Sam I was in such a hurry. I had so much to DO that I didn't want to be bothered with the nursing business. It took too much time out of my schedule. Looking back now, I realize I just didn't "get it." But this time there was none of that. The house isn't clean. The lawn isn't mowed. There is little progress on the crafting an…

Heard at my house

Let's get something straight. Your father and I do not respond to a system of snaps or claps or snorts. If you want something, please use words...and your manners. Thank you.