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Sometimes it's just too much

The run-up to April and May is beginning and I can feel the pressure starting to build. I'm having an un-explainable reaction to a friend's daughter telling her school class about her baby brother who died.

I remember when Sam told his preschool class about his brother, Alex, who died. And now we've added two more names to the death roll and I know I would never approve of his sharing all of that grief with anyone outside of our family. I'll never get a stamp of approval from another teacher...or anyone else, for that matter...because one dead baby is sad...three is just too much.

I know it's not a competition...and that's not what this is that I'm feeling. It's more of a sadness realizing (again) the judgment overshadows the sadness when you are talking about multiple losses. One dead baby is something to be sad about...something someone can handle "just right." Three dead babies are foolishness defined. She should have stopped at one...THEN …