Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First time mom

My Baby Sam is thirteen years old...going to be fourteen. And I'm still a first time mom. While the baby and toddler stuff was manageable and the grade school stuff was frustrating, this teenager stuff...this guiding him into adulthood...I'm completely lost. I'm even checking out parenting books again!

Dear Spring...f*** off!

It's that time of year again. I feel it headed at me like a freaking freight train. April 8th...May 8th...May 11th... 

I don't want to wish time away...there is so precious little of it. 

So I'm trying to be busy.

Paying taxes. Planning the summer. Creating welcome gifts for my photography clients. Binge watching Supergirl with my boys. Eating takeout way too much. Wearing sandals even though it's only 37 degrees out. Yelling at my family over stupid stuff. Thinking about gardening again (that's a whole other post). Searching real estate listings for a photography studio space. Faking my way through meetings at my day job. Figuring out my new camera. Surfing Pinterest for kitchen remodel ideas. 

More good than bad. I just wish it wasn't such work to enjoy chirping birds in a bright blue cloudless sky. Maybe someday I'll get there?