Thursday, July 31, 2008

It went well

My uncle had surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor from the back of his tongue. Do you KNOW how they remove cancerous tumors from the back of your tongue? No? Do not...I NOT Google it.

The doctor said he "did well."

I sit here in the afterglow of a successful candle party and listen to my husband cuss as he attempts to reattach the recliner section of the sectional sofa...and it's all so normal.

And then I think of my aunt and uncle and what their day has been like. And while I never faced the threa of cancer, I remember uncomfortable hospital beds and pain and fear...and I remember that "well" is a relative term. I remember facing all these things while the rest of the world kept houses and hosting candle parties...

I hope he really gets "well" soon. Because this side of things is SO much better than where he's at right now.

This much I know for a fact.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's not all sunshine and roses

With every milestone, I am encouraged. Each accomplishment brings pride in him as his own person separate and distinct from myself, the mother and protector. I teach him lessons with hope...that he will grow to be a good boy and eventually a great man. I cheer for him when he needs support. I listen to him when he speaks. I give him the freedom I think he needs to learn to make responsible choices.

And then he slugs a little girl at daycare and makes her cry.

It all comes to a screeching halt and I replay as many memories from his short life as I can recall from the deep dark recesses of my brain. What happened? Is it about me? Did I miss something? Was there a misstep? If so...where? Is it about him? Is there something wrong with him that he would make this deliberately hurt another person? How did he not learn the lesson necessary to keep him out of this trouble? How did he not learn the lesson that we are all people and we are all precious and we are never never never to hurt each other if we can avoid it?

The circumstances aren't important. We don't hit. Ever. None of us...parents and children alike. We don't even hit another in gest or as a form of play (and at this age there is no reason for a discussion of self-defense). I thought the rule was simple and clear. I was either wrong or he fooled me. Either privileges for a week.

The amusing thing is I JUST had a conversation with my colleague about her 3-year-old little boy and his issues with hitting and biting. Never again will I so confidently utter the words, "I just don't know what to say, I was very lucky with Sam...when I told him we don't hit, he accepted that."

I know, I happens. I know it's a normal part of growing up. I know we will correct this behavior as well as I know that another will pop up to disappoint me eventually. It's just...*sigh*...

8 months and 1 week

"It's not fair. Why does Myles get...and I don't?"

Monday, July 28, 2008


New radiator
New "everything from the catalytic converter back"
New hoses

On a car that got a new transmission (when it was under warranty). And I'm pretty sure it had some brake work done in there somewhere (though I can't keep it all straight anymore).

Pretty soon I'll just be able to consider it a new car, right?
Had a meeting today at which I was informed that I'm a liar and a scumbag because I'm a lawyer. Oh, and the person "isn't bitter," but if he saw me bleeding on the side of the road he'd, "drive right on by."

I had the very unprofessional urge to tell the jackass to bite me.
Driving down the (state) road...ROAD CLOSED on a big orange sign.
No warning.
No detour.
No turnaround provided.
THIS is the story of my life.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

50% savings!

I did it! I made it to MORE than 50% savings!!!

This week at CVS:

~2 Similac Advance 32 oz ready-to-feed (we're still breastfeeding...but the stuff stores for a year and it's good to have just in case)
~4 12-packs diet Pepsi
~3 Glad scented oil candle refill packs
~1 Theater size whoppers candy
~2 All Free & Clear
~1 box Rice Krispies
~1 box Corn Flakes
~1 36ct always
~1 32ct always
~1 18ct always
~1 16ct always
$42.63 out of pocket
Saved $47.70

Thursday, July 24, 2008

PartyLite candle party

Where: My house
When: Thursday, July 31, 7:00pm
Why: Wine & cheese (yum!)
Email me if you want to buy something!

(Oh crap I have a LOT of stuff to do around this pit to get it ready for visitors!)

(And yeah...any helpful tips on hostessing this party...bring em on!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thieves and liars

We live in an age where it is expected that someone will steal something from us. Leave your doors unlocked and expect someone to come in and steal your television. Leave your car parked on the street and expect to return in the morning to find a shattered window and all valuables missing. Drop a wallet and expect it to be returned a few dollars lighter.

Despite my own life conditioning to expect it, I remember feeling horror back in 2006 when Bronwyn's home was burgaled and her Lydia's memory box was rifled through. No rhyme or reason...just someone rifling through what was not theirs and taking what they wanted for their own purposes with no regard for the pain they caused.

And our words are apparently no exception. If you put them out there...if you share them...they will eventually be stolen. Expect it. We are surrounded by thieves and liars. People who think it's ok to take something that isn't theirs. People who have no trouble stealing from a grieving mother who writes in tribute to her dead child.

I can not describe the anger I felt when I read of Kate's words being stolen...the outrage. I felt a surge of the old familiar grief anger. A night of restless sleep made me realize where it was coming from.

Dead baby, meet Internet newcomers. Internet newcomers, meet dead baby. His name was Liam. Not 'Dario', not 'Matteo'. LIAM.

You just don't steal from someone who has already lost so much. You just don't do it. You respect Liam's memory and you leave his mother alone. It's the only decent thing to do.

Is this how it happens?

Is this how it happens? One innocuous step...the start down the path toward old age starts with one tiny step?

Steve is watching Celebrity Family Feud and eating his dinner off a tv tray table in the living room.



A while back I wrote about the boys' first professional photos together.

Here are my favorites...

[removed because I'm feeling shaken by the latest turn of events with the sweet/salty blog and am not sure how I will ultimately react as it regards this blog.]

Monday, July 21, 2008

Economic stimulus?

How I spent my stimulus check.

Nice to see I'm not the only one who is hostile about the government patting themselves on the back for giving me back MY money.

I won!

Kate, hello! About seventeen million years ago, you very kindly contributed to a quilt raffle I was running to benefit some friends of mine who hoped to adopt. I'm embarrassed that it's taken so long to finish it up, but happy to tell you that you've won the quilt. Details and pictures are on my blog.

I'd love to get the quilt out to you this week, so can you please e- mail me your mailing address? I'll box it up and get it out ASAP.

Thank you SO much for your amazing generosity. It meant the world to this family, and I am so honored to have spurred it.


Actual conversation

(ring, ring, ring)

Me: Hello

Caller: Hello?

Me: Hello

Caller: Hello...this is so-and-so with such-and-such student loan company. First, I must inform you that this conversation may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Me: OK...

Caller: I'm just calling today to inform you that your student loan payment is 38 days overdue


Me: ok...

Caller: the amount of $x.xx

Me: Look, I've called...twice...I've emailed...I don't know how many ways I can tell you people that you will get your payment on the 25th. There was supposed to be a note added to my file the LAST time I called.

Caller: There is.


Me: And yet you still called me about this?

Caller: When they put the note on the file they should have told you that the letters and calls would continue until payment was received.

Me: ok...

Caller: And the note does not say how much you intend to pay.

Me: I TOLD whoever it was I spoke to the last THREE times that the amount due would be paid in full. As soon as I have it, you'll have it. But I'm sure you will continue to call me in the meantime.

Caller: We will.

Me: (trying to suppress my laughter at this point)'s your dime.

Caller: Have a nice day.

Me: to you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Petal cones

I remember when Steve and I got married (way back when). His sister, M, was due with her first baby and unable to travel, but she wanted to be a part of our day. She made us birdseed roses in "our colors." I still have one or two in my cedar chest as momentos. Just thinking of those silly roses gets me a bit misty-eyed because it was such a special thing.

A dear friend is getting married in October and I've volunteered my time and crafty abilities to make her petal toss cones. I was hesitant at first because I don't really do much paper crafting other than scrapbooking. But given my love of all things wedding (someone needs to explain to my husband why I like to "watch the weddings of strangers on tv."), I thought I'd give it a try. If I wasn't successful I knew my friend would have time to order from a professional.

Here are my first attempts. I'm pretty sure I like the bigger size. But there are just too many paper choices (and let's not even discuss the limitless possibilities of RIBBON). Embossed "love" paper...pearlized "elegant" paper...opal dot vellum...translucent pastel vellum...

Of course, I'm sending them to the bride so she can decide if she likes any of them and maybe decide which she wants to use...but I'm always wondering what my dear internets think. brutally honest...favorite? least favorite? why?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank you Secret Pal!

I love everything! Thank you SO MUCH!

Love these postcards! They have such a vintage poster feel to them. I've already got plans to display them.

I am SO going to love you in real life! Nashville vacations! Awesome! We went way back when they were just building the "new" country music hall of fame. Had a BLAST! It's such a fun place to be! (Now you have to email me and let me know all the things you did while you were there.)

Bamboo! And purple! My FAVORITE!

Somebody went shopping on my Amazon wishlist! Thank you so much! And thank you for the gift certificate to Little Knits. I can't wait to shop!

Oh---Sam wants me to say thank you for the bubbles too. That was very sweet of you.

OH...and I'll just sneak this one in here...

Do you see that?!?! TEETH!!!

What's wrong?

I don't know. No...that's not true...I have an idea or two.

My mental state is such that I almost had a complete breakdown in JCPenney yesterday. We were late to my mom and dad's house to go out to dinner for mom's 60th birthday.

There was nobody at the photo counter to ring up my purchase of a picture frame (4x10 photos...don't EVER buy this matter how adorable...because then you HAVE TO buy the frame from them as well).

Then I went to jewelry and wandered around, frustrated by my too-helpful son suggesting we get grandma a string of pearls ("that's not really grandma's style"..."what's style?"..."oh my god does he NEVER shut up?").

All the while, Myles was grunting. You know...THE grunt.

I finally found something I felt reasonably sure my mom would like and, obviously taking their cue from the portrait place, there was nobody to ring it up. The watch guy was helping someone examine watches with a jeweler's loop, so they were gonna be a while. The fine jewelry lady had a customer to whom she said, "Let me go find..." and disappeared behind the swinging doors into the magical land of only-God-knows-where-the-hell-she-went. The purse lady helped someone (right in front of me) and then, quite literally, DISAPPEARED. I looked around me to find Sam and looked back and she was GONE...and something inside me snapped because I KNOW she saw us...hell...even if she didn't see us, I KNOW she heard my chants of, "Sam, no...Sam, stop it...," not to mention Sam's hysterical cries of, "Myles, stop pooping already please." (Yeah...I know...we're classy like that)

So I made a beeline for the customer service desk by the door where we came in. And was empty. The three teenage girls who were SUPPOSED to be working it were standing in the baby section discussing something (important, I'm sure...maybe world peace). One of them reluctantly strolled over and rang up my purchase. When asked if they had any gift boxes, she referred me to the catalog counter. No problem, it's over by the photo place that I had to return to to get the damn frame, so it was ok. Ha!

And here is when the crying started (Myles, not me...yet).

Walked into the photo place AGAIN and waited in line behind a woman who was ordering her portrait package from the slowest cashier in the history of the world. Seriously. She would have grown moss on her if she had moved any slower. And I keep getting THE look...isn't that cute? listen to the baby cry. awww...poor baby. can't you do something? that baby crying is really starting to get annoying. what kind of mother are you? Yeah...THAT look. I wanted to reach around the woman in front of me, across the counter, and grab the cashier by the ears and just...I don't know...shake the shit out of her.

Finally got my picture frames and headed, with screaming baby, to the catalog counter. Asked for a jewelry gift box. The pimply faced boy couldn't find one and wanted me to WAIT while he searched. I said it wasn't that important and he said, "No, if you want a gift box, I will find you a gift box," all surly-like as if I had just insulted his mother. Pimply-faced teenager #2 overheard our conversation and said, "Gift box? They're over here," and proceeds to hand me a SHIRT BOX. I just looked at him and said, "Thank you, but I'm looking for a jewelry gift box."

"Oh...we don't have any of those...these are the smallest gift boxes we have."

Yeah...I walked out.

There was poop everywhere...clothes, carseat, appendages (his and mine). It was a thing of beauty I tell you. I changed his diaper right there in the back end of the minivan...bare butt cheeks blowing in the breeze white trash style...and Myles made the rest of the trip to my parent's house in his diaper and nothing else (and I just now realize I left that poopy outfit in the this heat...hehehe...thankfully I'm not driving that stinkmobile today...poor Steve).

At dinner I spilled my drink and almost burst into tears. My mother, showing early signs of Alzheimer's (or maybe a mother's special intuition), asked if I'm pregnant (I'm not).

So what's wrong?

Steve and I had THE talk. Should he stock up on frozen peas pretty soon? Go in for the big snip-snip? Yeah...THAT talk. And as is our amazingly adult style...we resolved nothing.

When I think about it (and it's ALL I've been thinking about since we talked about it), I want to puke. I hate feeling backed into a I HAVE TO make a decision NOW. I like to work at my own pace and come to my own conclusions in my own time. But time keeps ticking and...well...there isn't much of it left.

I keep trying to distract myself. It worked before...kept me busy so I couldn't think. But it ain't working now. So I make lists of pros and cons. The cons list is considerably longer than the pros list but I'm not sure quantity is what counts here. How do you weigh cons like unspeakable fear and financial stress with the joy and love of another child? I know what I SHOULD do. I know what the RESPONSIBLE thing is...

And I really can't help but wonder if what I'm feeling is a longing for what I lost in the past rather than a wish for future children. And that mind f*** is just too complex for me to untangle.

Crap, this is difficult. Anybody want to be in charge of my life for a while?

In the meantime, if you see a story on the evening news about a woman who sat down crying in the middle of Penneys and couldn't'll know what it's all about.

Photo Friday - Flight

When I saw this week's theme, I immediately recalled this picture from last June. Sometimes we have to run like hell in order to achieve flight.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money saving

I think you need to further explain this method of bargain hunting to those of us who are not quite as good at is as you are, but long to be. Poke. Poke. Poke.

My method? hehehe...I'm a genius! Oh, ok, you want the truth? I cheat. I tried doing it on my own, but I can't keep it all organized enough with everything else I'm responsible for in my life.

So, I belong to for my grocery store deals and for deals at other stores. These places match up sales with coupons so I can save maximum dollars. I like grocerygame because they even divide the shopping list up for you and give you percentage savings and tips on how to stockpile when things are at their best prices. It costs me $10 every 8 weeks, but I figure the time I save searching through ads and coupons is worth it...not to mention the deals I would miss if I didn't have the help.

afullcup is great because they will have the sales lists out ahead of time, so I can plan ahead...want to maximize every coupon, ya know? :o)

At the grocery I try not to buy anything less than a 50% savings. I can achieve this either through sales (my store has a lot of BOGO sales) or through coupons (my store doubles coupons up to and including $ a $0.99 coupon gives you $1.98 off).

And then, there's CVS and Walgreens. These stores are awesome for their coupon/sale combos. The Extra Care Bucks program...LOVE it! That is my favorite way to get the non-grocery items. The key is to shop the sales and the ECB deals and stock up on stuff before you need it. I will never again pay full price for toothpaste or deodorant...because I don't have to!

**edited to add (because Rach's question made me think of it)**
I am not fully committed to the idea of good deals for the sake of good deals and I probably spend a bit of extra money because I maintain brand loyalty for certain things...particularly laundry, skin and haircare products (due to the sensitive nature of my family's skin). I also am, and always will be, a Crest girl (36 years old and NO cavities). Not even freebies from another brand will convince me to switch toothpaste.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to the world Hazel Anne!!!

DD's baby girl arrived safe and sound today at 12:47, weighing 7lbs 13ozs and measuring 20.5inches long.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you have a chance

Joseph Beth Booksellers - Legacy Village - Lyndhurst, Ohio
Animal Advocate, JANA KOHL
Discussing & Signing A Rare Breed of Love: The True Story of Baby and the Mission She Inspired to Help Dogs Everywhere
Wednesday, July 16th at 7:00 P.M.
A Rare Breed of Love chronicles the travels of Baby, a three-legged poodle rescued from a puppy mill, who, along with her human, Kohl, aim to raise awareness and help stop animal cruelty. Kohl celebrates the special bond between humans and their animal companions, as well as a call to action for animal reform. Baby, the star of A Rare Breed of Love will be traveling with Kohl for her appearance.

If you have a chance, visit A Rare Breed of Love for future appearance dates and locations.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clothing dilemma for the fat chick

After fruitlessly searching everywhere for a dress I liked, I bought this pattern to make my own dress for my cousin's wedding in August.

I planned to use this fabric...

Not sure about the rings for the back...probably standard bamboo rings unless I find something I like better.

Then last night I had this sudden realization that I don't have an acceptable bra to wear with such a dress. I only spent $7.50 on the fabric and $1.99 on the pattern (it was all on clearance), so I am having a real hard time with the idea of paying $30 for a bra. But I'm not everywhere is going to have a backless bra that will fit me.

At this point, I see these options...
1) Make the dress and go braless. It's just family...they've probably been traumatized by worse things I've done in the past.
2) Stash the pattern for another day and find one that works with a bra I already own.
3) Go for it, make the dress, and buy the expensive bra.

I'm not sure what to do now.

(and I will NOT, under any circumstances, wear a stick-on bra)

Bargains this week

Six Hamburger Helper (on sale)
Four brownie mix (on sale)
Ten pizza rolls (on sale)
Less coupons (not sure of total...threw the receipt out already)
$17 out of pocket with $9 worth of coupons off my next order

So my next transaction...

Hamburger (on sale)
3 Chefboyardee (on sale)
Apple juice (on sale)
Kids' Yoplait
Oreos (on sale)
English Muffins (on sale)
Light wheat bread
Less coupons totaling $15
Spent $24 out of pocket

Oh! And I bought a color ink cartridge for my printer. I went the recycled route and got one from Walgreens for $16 (versus the HP brand new which was $32-$39).

I'm getting good at this! And it is totally addictive. It's like a game now to see how much I can save. It takes a little bit of planning, but it's so worth it!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My 12-year-old psyche

I recently had the opportunity to view some self-portrait photos of a couple dear friends through the magic of flickr and I was struck by how "grown up" they appear. And then there was this mental avalanche in my brain that brought down all the walls that hold back my own self-realization.

My GOD...I'm 36! THIRTY-SIX! I'm a LAWYER! I've been pregnant FOUR times! I have gray hairs! I own a house and a car and am RESPONSIBLE for living creatures! HOLY @^#!

Most of the time when I look around me, the things I see don't really register with my brain. And then sometimes I look around and I am completely astounded by the realities of my life. When did that tree grow to completely cover the end of the barn? How did EVERY SINGLE FLAT SURFACE in my house get covered with dust and crap? When did those wrinkles appear in the crook of my arm?

As I was driving to the store with my sons yesterday, lamenting the fact that it took us over an hour to go to the library, the post office and the recycling drop-off, I started to think about how it used to be running my errands without little people slowing me down. For some reason, that made me think about what it will be like to be able to do that again when the boys are older. Like a runaway train, my brain couldn't be stopped and I realized that Sam is six years old. SIX! Assuming he goes off to live on his own (even if just to college) at age 18, I have already lived one-third of the time that we will live together as a family under one roof. I looked at old year...two years...three years...four years...five years...six. I can see the baby disappear and the boy emerge. How did that happen? I imagine a day when the boy will be gone and a man will stand in his place. Yet I don't often feel it.

Don't get me wrong...I have felt very old at times (I'm told grief will do that to you). But as time moves on I'm better able to compartmentalize again and (temporarily) forget my own truths for longer spans of time. I wonder if this is how it will always be or if I will, at some point, actually view the world through the passage of time...if I will once and for all realize (and feel) my age.

Photo Friday - Spiral

I'm getting some time with my camera lately, so I decided to jump in with Whiskers on Wednesday (you can never have too many cat pictures on your blog) and Photo Friday (which sends me looking for something different each week). This week's theme is "spiral."


Edited/Altered for a darker, more industrial feel

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

Taking care of business

I'm not into commercialization of my blog, but I've signed up for a word-of-mouth advertising initiative on the recommendation of a friend. sends me stuff and I review it for free...whether I like it or not.

This week, I'm reviewing Teddy Grahams Trail Mix..."Trail mix designed specifically with kids in mind."
Teddy Grahams Trail Mix Bears & Bees and Bears & Cheese Crackers - combine lightly sweet-tasting and crunchy Teddy Grahams with other fun, kid-size snack favorites, such as Honey Maid Grahams Bees, Cheese Nips Crackers, raisins and pretzels.

They sent me two boxes of the stuff (one of each kind) and I have to say, I don't see the attraction. When I opened them, I didn't see a raisin in either box. I can only assume they sifted to the bottom during transport...I'll let you know as soon as we get to the bottom of the box. And the taste? I like Teddy Grahams just fine by it was kind of strange to me having other stuff mixed in with it. BUT I'm not a kid. After my six-year-old got over the initial, "teddy grahams are for LITTLE kids," he ate half of one box. So...I guess he likes it. And I can definitely see the mom-attraction for throwing in a diaper bag and taking on a day trip out somewhere. Unlike some other takealong snacks, this has a little variety to keep the kids interested.

So anyway...more about bzzagent...

They also have what they call a "frogpond" where people submit websites for bzzagents to visit and review. On my sidebar is a badge linking you to my reviews of certain "frogs." If you'd like to click through, you might find some interesting sites to add to your daily web surfing (truemomconfessions is on there and I know some of you already read that site like I do).

As fair warning, I may occasionally link directly to something in a post...if it's a really good/useful/fun site. And I get "points" if people click through to the site using my link. You don't even have to read it or anything...just click through and then go on with your regular business. I promise I won't do it too often...but sometimes I'm just going to HAVE to.

Like today's is a site I already visit often and can't say enough good things about...and the other just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside...

You know I love the furbabies. Go ahead, click through. And if you need help locating an animal in need of adoption, feel free to give me a shout. My animal rescue "specialty" is coordinating volunteer ground transport.

Wish Upon a Hero is great if you've ever said to yourself, "I'd love to help something good for the world...but I don't want to make a big committment of time or money." I'm a bit hesitant that it can perpetuate scams...but I'll reserve judgment for now.

This post is all over the I'm going to end it here. Thanks for helping me out. And if you try Teddy Grahams Trail Mix (for yourself or your kids), would you let me know?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Serious coupon clipping

This is just so cool! Look at those vintage coupons! But with no expiration date...they should still work. I am seriously impressed.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

This past week has been tough. My uncle's cancer is back, this time at the base of the tongue and the tonsil. The thoughts of treatment options and possible outcomes are overwhelming for him and my aunt. They are never far from my thoughts as they face this.

And though my feelings are but a drop in the bucket comparatively speaking, I'm particularly angry because he and my aunt have already been through so much in the last few years. They took care of my grandparents in their home during their last years. This was supposed to be their time to good food...just enjoy life. Like so many other things in this life, it's just so so unfair.
I thought this was weird...until I read this.

Starting a piece of music inherently implies an intention to finish it. So starting a 639-year piece is, among other things, an extraordinary statement of human hope. it implies that we may still be here in 639 years, and that the intervening generations, with all their own changing concerns and values and ordeals, will nonetheless pick up the baton and run with the project we have begun. It is, in other words, a perfect metaphor for human life itself.
Sam and I were watching Danity Kane on Nashville Star the other night. Trina is sporting a new hairdo that is long on one side and cut into a short bob on the other. It looks good on her.

Building on our earlier conversation about when our schedules might allow me time to get my hair cut this week, I laughed and said, "Maybe I should get my hair cut like that."

Sam was all for the idea, even when I said, "But Sam, I'm no rock star."

"Mommy, go ahead and get your hair cut like that and I'll TEACH you how to be a rock star."
I took the advice to slow down given to me earlier this year and did not plant a garden at all. In fact, my three tomato plants from my dad are still in pots in my kitchen. I'm going to drop them in the ground this week and hope for a long summer so I might get one or two tomatoes.

I'm kind of wishing I had gone ahead with all my plans, despite the lack of quality time to spend in a garden. But I think I can overcome that self-disappointment by shopping at some farmer's markets this summer. Next year I vow to get a fabulous garden in. I'm already planning.
Got this email from one of the paralegals in my office...
Me and R have been talking and this whole Myles thing is not working out. So we have decided you either need to work something out where he comes in to see us once a week or we are going to go ask T (the boss) if we can work one day a week from home, YOUR home. *insert evil laugh here*
I recently made the acquaintence of a person who does wedding photography "on the side." He seemed nice enough, but after seeing a few of his pictures, I'm not overly impressed. This has the wheels turning in my brain. I studied videography, photography's not-to-distant cousin, in college. I enjoy taking photographs. I love wedding stuff. And even at a cheap cheap cheap rate, I think I could make it work (financially) on one booking a week. I wonder...

This may be another in a long line of hairbrained schemes...who knows.

I'm also applying for a job as the Animal Protective League's shelter director here in my county. I'm assuming there will not be enough money in it that it would be acceptable for my family's way of life (we are partial to eating regularly). But I'm workign with the philosophy that it can't hurt to try.
This is a great little bracelet.

I've been struggling this past few weeks with serious feelings of inadequacy. My home is filthy. I'm not particularly good at what I do for a living. And I dream...of things that seem out of my reach. I can feel the need for big changes. I'm just not sure how or where to make them.
I have been spending a lot of time working on MOM Project stuff. A lot of progress that I'm particularly proud of. Now if I could just find some uninterrupted time to make some bracelets.

ah...if wishes were pennies...
Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!

Who am I? How did I get here?

When I was a kid, I collected unicorn collectibles. I have no real idea why. I think it started when someone gave me one as a gift and I sai...