About Us

My name is Catherine, but I also answer to Cathy or Kate (different phases of my life account for the evolution of names). I'm married to Stephen, who is listed as a contributor to this blog (but who RARELY posts).

We live on a small "farmette" in Ohio with our two beautiful boys...
Samuel (13) and Myles (8) and our zoo...
~nine dogs - Rory, Beau, Milo, Rosie, Zip, Dominic, Molly, Segal and Wasabi
~three cats - Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Captain Rex
~two horses - Luna and Cheyenne

We have lost three children during pregnancy...
~Alex @ 35 weeks on May 11, 2005
~Travis @ 20 weeks on May 8, 2006
~Little Bug @ 19 weeks on April 11, 2010

While this blog started out as a "fun" little thing to keep my family posted on our lives, it has turned into something more. I TRY to keep it fun, but it often includes "serious stuff" too (hey, a girl's gotta have SOME place to dump all the dark and scary stuff where her friends and family won't use it to have her committed).

Some of the fun stuff includes crocheting (and the rare occasion when I attempt knitting), sewing, and gardening. I've recently taken an interest in gluten-free eating, so I may start including some cooking stuff here too. Who knows...I've started many a blog project that went unfinished (unfinished things seem to have become a running theme in my life).

I'm an attorney working in public service. I dream of becoming a professional photographer, and am well on my way to making it happen. See my website at http://www.catherine-neophoto.com

I do not believe in God. I respect your beliefs...I only ask that you respect mine.

I believe there is a time and place for a good cry. I also believe a well-timed laugh can make a person feel better (even if it is the result of "inappropriate" or "dark" humor).

You have been warned.

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