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My day with my son...

Today I had a holiday with my son for a whole day. We slept until 9:30am, got up, had breakfast, watched the Wiggles, read a couple books, played with some toys, sat and watched TV for a was absolutely a wonderful day.

Of course, he is now sitting here next to me, taking his clothes off for the third time today and I'm ready to rip my hair out...

But is an absolutely wonderful day.


Coloring in my office

Today a fellow county employee sent me a coloring book page as a stress reliever. I just keep reminding myself...Everything is Under Control.

Catch-up posting

I forgot to post yesterday but I have a legitimate excuse. I was out with the hubster buying a minivan. That's right, you read it right. I'm officially a minivan-mama. Oh heavens I hope this downward spiral into mommy hell ends soon. I'm not sure I can deal with the thought of a housecoat and curlers.

I seriously can not believe he just said that!

My boss just said, "Well, some lawyer prepared that, so that's what they (my clients) have been going with."

What the heck am I? Do I get to sit in my office and do paper origami or color pretty pictures for a paycheck? Or am I just the "pretend lawyer" until a real one voices an opinion?!?!?!

OK...rant over.

Today is the first day...

...of the rest of this blog. I unsuccessfully attempted to set this blog up in October, thinking I would find amazingly insightful things to write about every day...or at least once a week. Nope. Nothing. And with the holidays, I found myself simply feeling guilty for not contributing anything. But then I remembered...the only person I gave this address to was my mother (Hi Mom!). So since nobody has missed me as of yet, I'm officially starting over. I think I might even invite people to read my ramblings now! Hang on to your hats...things are about to get interesting. lol