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You had to be there

Me: (handing over empty take-out salad container) "That was awful."

Steve: "Your pie?"

Me: "What kind of pie has lettuce and cabbage and carrots?"

Steve: "A really terrible pie."

Jumping in with both feet

So I find out I'm pregnant, get sick, and immediately lose my mind. It's just a sinus infection. Granted, it's the worst sinus infection I've ever had...because I can't take a damn thing for it...but it's not like I have the plague or anything. But the thoughts still creep in.

~I'm so sick, surely this pregnancy is doomed.
~I'm putting myself through the ringer not taking antibiotics and it's all so silly because this pregnancy is doomed.
~How will I un-tell everyone when this doomed pregnancy meets its untimely end?
~Baby's probably already dead anyway. get the idea.

And I know it's's totally me. I'm a complete freakshow. I can't just be normal...think normal...feel normal.

My OB had the best line...

Hang tight, try not to despair, and I'll see you soon.

Seriously...try not to despair. That is PERFECT! That is EXACTLY the kind of thing someone should say to someone like me after "congratulations." Don…

Long time, no post

~Work update...I think this email pretty well sums it up...

"Does anyone have a Hewlett Packer printer cartridge 15-X for an HP LaserJet 1200 B &W printer that I could borrow until I receive a new budget appropriation in 2010? If I don’t need it by then, I’ll return it to you unopened."

Yeah...that is how bad it is.

But I'm still taking two weeks off to care for the boys while they are on their vacation(s).

~The car broke down. We still owe $3000 on it...and now we have to have a whole new engine put in it to the tune of $2600. Money we do not have...again. Thank goodness we still have a LITTLE bit of credit. *sigh*

~The big kid continues to not get his work done in school. I asked him the other day how many people get 110% on their practice tests and he said, "Me and maybe a couple other kids." I am convinced he is just not being challenged.

~Myles is great...always sniffling or coughing from the latest creeping crud he's bringing home from daycare. We had…

Sometimes they amaze me

Sam and I had a deal. He could buy $10 worth of books from the book order and I would give him $10 to buy books at the book fair. We talked and he asked for a couple more dollars for the book fair so he could buy "a couple extra books." I love books...I love owning books...reading and re-reading. So naturally, I sent him with a few extra dollars to the book fair ($15). He came home with one $4 book, a plastic pointer with a rubber hand/finger on the end, and four pencils. *sigh*
Myles was standing on tiptoes, stretching to reach something just beyond his grasp.

I said, "Myles, you're too short baby."


"You're too need to grow."


"You need to grow...get taller."


He ran out of the room for about 30 seconds and reappeared with the stepstool...set it down...stepped up on it...and voila. Smart kid.

Went to Niagra Falls and all I got was...

So yeah...we went to Niagra Falls. God, what is wrong with me? I can't write in a more timely manner? I think I'm beginning to see where my son gets his poor work habits...


Niagra Falls. If you are a facebook friend then you probably were able to piece it all together. If not...the highlights...

Bought socks.

Drove through PA, stopping at Wegman's for carryout sushi for lunch. Wasabi! (A reference for Sam who enjoys that silly I Survived A Japanese Game Show)

New York.

Found the Buffalo airport and located the beautiful Kathy McC's luggage without incident.

Drove around looking for an ATM because neither Kathy or I knew if our ATM cards would work in the ATM machines in Canada. What? So we're new at this international travel business.

Toured the University of Buffalo...or Buffalo State...I can't remember. Nice campus. No ATM to be found.

Drove across the rainbow bridge and laughed like loons (come to think of it...there was quite a bit of loony-like laughing …