Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sometimes they amaze me

Sam and I had a deal. He could buy $10 worth of books from the book order and I would give him $10 to buy books at the book fair. We talked and he asked for a couple more dollars for the book fair so he could buy "a couple extra books." I love books...I love owning books...reading and re-reading. So naturally, I sent him with a few extra dollars to the book fair ($15). He came home with one $4 book, a plastic pointer with a rubber hand/finger on the end, and four pencils. *sigh*
Myles was standing on tiptoes, stretching to reach something just beyond his grasp.

I said, "Myles, you're too short baby."


"You're too need to grow."


"You need to grow...get taller."


He ran out of the room for about 30 seconds and reappeared with the stepstool...set it down...stepped up on it...and voila. Smart kid.
Sam continues to struggle with keeping his mouth shut during school. He repeatedly comes home with work he did not finish...because he was talking.
Myles is talking. It seems he may have been talking all along...I just haven't been paying attention. His pronunciation is terrible except for a few regularly-used words, but he really makes sense if you know what you're hearing. And now that I'm clued in, we can work on making the words sound better.

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