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Miscellaneous thoughts

Dave Freeman, co-author of "100 Things to Do Before You Die," a travel guide and ode to odd adventures that inspired readers and imitators, died after hitting his head in a fall at his home. He was 47.

Life is short. Go out and do something adventurous.
So much to little time to do it. And these damn cats keep meowing at me making me feel guilty for not picking them up and snuggling with them. Naturally, I have to make sacrifices for the furbabies...right?
"Barack Obama's speech was inspiring." That's all I said.

And then came the predictable immediate response, "I just don't like him because..."

Did I ask? No.

Do I care? No.

You can like whoever you like and vote however your conscience leads you. But that doesn't change the fact that Barack Obama's speech was inspiring.
Speaking of politics.…

Frugal Friday

Deals this past week:

CVS #1
3 playtex starter pack 8 oz nursers
3 king size kitkat candy bars (bad impulse buy for nutritional AND value reasons)
$8.15 out of pocket
$12.12 saved
CVS #2
4 12-packs of diet pepsi
2 boxes Kellogs Raisin Bran Crunch
1 newspapers
$16.08 out of pocket
$15.65 saved
Rite Aid #1
5 12-packs of diet pepsi
2 18oz Jif peanut butter
1 Duck EZ start packing tape
2 oust surface/air clean
1 4-pack Duracell D batteries
2 3-pack Schick Quattro razors
1 Pert Plus shampoo/conditioner
$30.96 out of pocket
$18.48 saved
Anticipated rebates of $4.50
Rite Aid #2
1 Gillette Body wash (with free face wash trial)
$3.77 out of pocket
$1.00 saved
Anticipated rebate of $2.00
2 bags Brach's candy corn
5 12-packs diet pepsi
2 12-packs angel soft doubl…

I am thankful

Tash wrote a great entry over at Glow in the Woods and she asked

In retrospect, comparatively speaking (or perhaps not at all), are you at all, remotely, even a teeny bit thankful for anything that happened surrounding the death of your baby/-ies? And believe me, it's fine if you say "No. Not a fucking thing. Are you crazy?"
This is a subject I've been thinking about lately.

I AM thankful but I just haven't been able to say it.

The words are stuck in my throat like a big piece of soggy half-chewed bread and I just can not choke them out. I tried once or twice to no avail...ripping up multiple thank you cards...deleting more than one thank you email...nearly hyperventilating at the thought of saying thank you in person.

I can't get over the tail end of the thank you...Thank you for (insert kindness here) after my baby died.

I can't help but feel like I shouldn't HAVE TO be thankful and therefore I resent that I AM thankful. Everytime I think about being …

Whiskers on Wednesday

Introducing Anakin...

and Obi-Wan...

I love this guy

Joe Biden

It's almost funny how politicians work so hard to "find common ground" with the American voter while shared human experience is pushed into the background, to only be spoken of in hushed whispers. I did not know that Joe Biden lost his first wife and his young daughter in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Below is a rare interview about the subject that he gave late last year. I am posting it here because it resonates with me, particularly the part about how many people are out there dealing with the shared experience of grief...putting one foot in front of the other. It reminded me of this little community we've developed here on the internet...all of us walking a similar foot in front of the other.

Biden: Five years after this no one man deserves one great love, let alone two. I met and married my wife of 30 years who actually put my life back together again and put my family back together again.

But you know, when something like that happens to yo…

Ready to go

He's all set to go. We visited the school and found his new classroom. He tried out his new desk. Yesterday he got a new haircut. His bookbag is packed with all his carefully labeled supplies. He has money in his lunch account (so we don't have to worry about envelopes. I remembered a note stating that he wouldn't be riding the bus. I still have to get him new shoes and a note from the doctor for his inhaler use (please, please, please do not have an asthma attack today without it). I'm feeling ok after some early morning tears as I drove past the school on my way to work. We'll see what pickup this afternoon brings.

Mutt Monday


1st grade school supplies list

1. Box of 8 crayons only

We request only 8 crayons, as many directions are color coded, and it makes it less confusing for your child to follow the directions.

Apparently it is just presumed that when you enter the 1st grade, you are an idiot. But then again, I'm still confused by the difference between brown and burnt sienna. Can I blame my parents for sending me to school with more than 8 crayons in the first grade?

11. Container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

They're getting Lysol. I got a good deal and they're just going to have to live with it.

Tomorrow's assignment for mommy...find a blue pencil box. You know I'm going to encounter every color BUT blue, right? you really think I need to put my child's name on each item as the supply list indicates? I really don't see myself trying to write his name on scissors...or a glue stick. But I will reluctantly break out the Sharpie if the consensus says that I must.

(By the way...keep your stories coming in t…

Miscellaneous thoughts

I have tried and tried and tried to stick with regular features on this blog, but I guess I don't conform to structure so well.

Whiskers on Wednesday (there may be new additions coming soon...stay tuned)
Wordless Wednesday (which may or may not include whiskers)
Photo Friday
Frugal Friday
Miscellaneous thoughts (Friday)

I think I'm also going to institute a Mutt Monday to highlight a dog who needs adoption. Easy thought entry each Monday. I should be able to do it, right?

And I think I'm going to do Perfect Moment Mondays. Near as I can tell, the only rule is to post a perfect moment on Monday (the moment doesn't have to actually happen on Monday).

I would love to participate in Thursday Thirteen, but am afraid I'm just not that interesting.
"I don't want to go to first grade."

I just received an email advertisement for a $1200 chair called "the attorn…

A new read

I have found a few new blogs to read today (as if my blogroll of 548 gets satisfactory attention already). This one is my favorite... Living Oprah.

Philosophical beliefs

I try not to talk about "right" and "wrong" parenting decisions here because I'm firmly entrenched in the "only you know what works for your family" camp (so long as we're not talking abuse or neglect). Breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, cloth/disposable diapers, pacifier/no pacifier, when to start solid foods, etc...all negotiable topics as far as I'm concerned.

But I'm going to break my own rule here and say that I think everyone should read this CDC Press Release about measles/vaccination.

And that is all I will say on this topic.

Let the 1st grade adventures begin!

So I spent all last year with the impression that it was the teacher. Now I'm beginning to think it's the whole school.

School starts Tuesday. As of today there are no teacher assignments mailed out...and no bus schedules posted or printed anywhere. It appears that communication is not this school's strong suit. We would most definitely change schools if this one weren't academically the best in our district (we can't afford private school).

So Steve called today and was informed that the teacher assignments "had just been made" and the bussing staff are having a meeting tomorrow (at which they will presumably finalize a schedule that will be posted online and printed in the paper). The school secretary very kindly looked up Sam's teacher assignment and told us that we could visit anytime with him in order to find his classroom, etc. She also "guessed" Sam's bus schedule "based on last year's bus schedule." Her "guess&q…

Where do I go from here?

"It's hard to guess where your life is going to be after something like this happens..."

Though the hospital commercial was about a woman who suffered a leg injury and was worried she would never go sailing again (big surprise...she's just fine thanks to the hospital), this bit jumped out at me. It's hard to guess where your life is going to be after something like this happens. Ain't that the truth? It's so hard to guess. I was frozen for what seemed like an eternity wondering who I was going to be AFTER. How I was going to live my life AFTER.

The jarring reality of today is that I am the same damn person I was BEFORE and my life hasn't changed a whole hell of a lot...and I'm not entirely sure I like it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't like it and that this is the source of my general feeling of dissatisfaction-with-life. Why? I LIKED my life before. So what's the problem now? Well...since you asked...

I'm pretty sure when something…

Online signature

For those who have asked...

Signature creator

Job search

I will just say that it is very difficult, in this day and age, to find a legitimate job opportunity online. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I remember being able to access reputable online job databases that didn't include "work-at-home" or "investment" scams. Now, that's not to say that these scams weren't around way back when...I remember going to a very nice office building myself for an in-person "interview" that included a sales demonstration of a very impressive collection of kitchen knives (don't know if I ever confessed that one to anyone). But it seems the scammers have become more savvy with new technologies and have the ability to reach desperate job-seekers far and wide.

It's a shame, really. In the midst of the piles of crap, I found a couple really interesting (and legitimate) job opportunities that had escaped my notice. They're a bit old...but I think I'm going to apply anyway. Can't hurt to try. At least…

Animal lover?

I was talking to husband, who was sitting here.

When I noticed something weird here.

His name is "mousey," and he was apparently just sunning himself a bit under the lamp.

Sam is now crying and saying, "I'm going to miss mousey." That kid has such a kind heart.

The charm of this little tale wore off when Mousey #2 took up residence in the same lamp.

I'm an animal lover as much as the next gal...but come on!

(No mice were harmed during the filming of this event. All mice were returned to the wild from whence they came...hopefully to never return to this particular sunny vacation spot.)

(And yes...I do see the humor in the fact that the first thing I did was grab my camera and take pictures.)

6-year-old wisdom

Sam: Having a baby is almost like having a pet.


..."are we there yet?"
...miles driven this weekend.
...Starbucks we didn't stop at. taken.
...pounds I weigh (looked at myself in those pictures...ack!).
...number of times I said, "Sam, no," or, "Sam, stop it," or, "Sam, behave."
...worries about the pets left at home with the petsitter. members we haven't seen in years.
...number of times someone said, "Oh, the baby is just sooooo cute!"
...more dance moves our six-year-old knows than we do.
...french fries eaten in the name of collecting Star Wars Happy Meal toys.
...great memories created with Sam (Myles too, but he won't remember them). wishes for the bride and groom.

14 years ago yesterday

Happy Anniversary to the slug who apparently totally forgot about our years of wedded bliss.

Guess you didn't figure out why I was in such a pissy mood last night, did ya?

(I know, I least he's MY slug. Whatever.)

Thank you Secret Pal!

A lovely gift arrived in the mail yesterday from my secret pal in Tennessee (will I figure out your identity before the end of this thing?). GORGEOUS bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Company in Sahara color. LOVE IT!

There was also this really cute little figurine of a mama turtle with a baby turtle on its back. Their heads and tails bob up and down on springs. I'd love to show it to you but Blogger is being extremely uncooperative in my effort to post a picture. You'll just have to take my word for's adorable.

Email humor

It's not often I find something funny in my junk email box...but this made me giggle...

One of last week's emails contained a typographical error of one character, inadvertently creating an inappropriate message. Please know that it was a simple accident by one of our graphic artists, and that I sincerely apologize to any who noticed it.

Regards to all,
Patrick M. Byrne

Don't you just wonder what it said?

You never know

We were pregnant together back in 2005 when it all went so terribly wrong. I have been jealous of her ever since. More than once I looked at her and thought, "She's got no problems. She's young and beautiful and has a cute little boy. She has no worries."

Today we had lunch together.

She has PCOS and is currently on Clomid and hasn't been able to conceive baby #2.

You just never know.

I want to ride some rides

"The fair isn't just about rides, you know."

So I decided it would be a good idea to introduce Sam to the agricultural way of life at the fair today. Now he wants a "bunny rabbit." ACK!

I guess there ARE worse things for a kid to get involved with than 4H. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that they aren't allowed to do rabbit projects until they are eight years old in our county. Maybe the novelty will wear off by the time he's eight. I just hope he doesn't decide pigs or cows are a good idea...

After all this time

"Your child is 27 months old"

Seriously...Huggies...enough already.

Now that's just wrong

The world travelling doppler

I bought a doppler that arrived the day I returned from the hospital after Travis.

I lent it to a friend who had a beautiful baby boy.

It came back and I used it during my pregnancy with Myles.

I lent it to another friend who had a beautiful baby girl.

It has been returned.

I'm in the process of examining my own reaction to the darn thing (once I realized what was contained within the mailing box). So I guess the question is...Where does it go next? It seems a shame to stick it in the closet next to the Lovenox I'm storing for no known (sane) reason.

(I think I may start a new category for posts here...insane thinking...though that might be too it seems I may then have to label EVERY post with that one)


If you get a chance (and you feel strong enough), you should watch this interview with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family on Larry King Live. They talk about the tragic accident that caused the death of their daughter/sister, Maria, back in May...the family's journey along the path of grief...and their faith.

8 months and 2 weeks

"I can't believe I'm saying this because I can't believe it's true...but this boy doesn't have enough clothes."

Yes, we have finally reached that time where the insane baby clothes buying has dropped off and the baby is in NEED of new duds. Shopping because I HAVE TO...another milestone for Myles and mommy.

And please, let's not even consider the sad state of Samuel's wardrobe. Now I know how the traditional yearly "school shopping" pilgrimage came into existence...pure necessity.


My coworker has been pregnant and miscarried twice since September of 2007. Her doctor told her she has a giant fibroid that prevents embryos from implanting properly and she would need to see a fertility doctor. She has moral objections to reproductive assistance (I won't even comment) and was quite vocal about her reluctance to make the appointment. I'm not sure whether she ever did and/or if the fertility doctor helped her or not...but she is pregnant and due in February. She was so excited because at her most recent appointment they told her to "come back in four weeks" and she hasn't been told that in a very long time (her daughter is four years old). I'm excited for her. And yet I'm feeling weird about facing her progressing pregnancy on a daily basis. She's had a rough road and of all the women in my office I think she "gets it" the most. So what gives? More introspection to follow, I'm sure.

***edited to add***
As she was standing …

Miscellaneous thoughts, Sunday/Monday edition

Been having a rough time keeping up with life and this blog. I think I'm going through my midlife crisis early. Yes, it's early...and I dare anyone to say any different.

A few nights ago my husband and I sat in our bedroom together for over an hour and talked. No television. Only the hum of the portable air conditioner and the occasional update from Sam on his Playstation2 progress. It was lovely. Except for the fact that we talked about how unhappy we both are.

It's mainly professional dissatisfaction for him, I think. It is that and so much more for me. He jokes that my "chi is off," but that ain't far from the truth. It starts with, "I'm not a very good lawyer," and ends with, "I'm a fat cow and need to get my fat ass moving." Slippery slope anyone? It's a fun ride...until you get to the bottom and land your ass in the pool of self-pity and loathing anyway.

Anyway...things are…

Where did the time go?

The infant carrier was replaced today by a convertible carseat.

Whiskers on Wednesday (on Friday)

I missed Whiskers on Wednesday this week. But Shamus gave me a great shot this morning. Hey, even the furballs have to recover from a good party.

Thank you Secret Pal!

A green themed package arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Thank you!