Miscellaneous thoughts

I have tried and tried and tried to stick with regular features on this blog, but I guess I don't conform to structure so well.

Whiskers on Wednesday (there may be new additions coming soon...stay tuned)
Wordless Wednesday (which may or may not include whiskers)
Photo Friday
Frugal Friday
Miscellaneous thoughts (Friday)

I think I'm also going to institute a Mutt Monday to highlight a dog who needs adoption. Easy peasy...no thought entry each Monday. I should be able to do it, right?

And I think I'm going to do Perfect Moment Mondays. Near as I can tell, the only rule is to post a perfect moment on Monday (the moment doesn't have to actually happen on Monday).

I would love to participate in Thursday Thirteen, but am afraid I'm just not that interesting.
"I don't want to go to first grade."

I just received an email advertisement for a $1200 chair called "the attorney chair." Clearly, these people do not understand the salary of a public servant.
If you watch the TV show "Flipping Out," you'll be happy to know that Zoila made $10,000 on her portrait. I just want to know who bought that horrible thing.
In the face of ever-increasing gasoline prices, I have had to limit my over-the-road animal rescue efforts. But I think it's going to end up being good for me, as I am now becoming much more active with my local shelter. Good works start at home, right?

However, it is so hard to come home at night knowing that those beautiful creatures must live and sleep (and possibly die) in that horrible shelter. It's a nice enough facility...but it's still a shelter.

See those guys over on the flickr badge on my sidebar? Aren't they sweet and cute and cuddly? They need homes.
I found a job posting I am very interested in. I know I should stay where I am for now because of all the intangible benefits, but I hate this job. I really really hate it. I fear that if I have to suck it up and stay for much longer I just may go off my nut.
I'm 36 years old and I feel silly...but I love facebook. Seriously. Stop laughing.
Attention scrappers! I hate to tell people, because it lessens the odds of me winning, but there is an AWESOME contest going on at VanillaJoy. Add a comment and you're in! Easy peasy! And a fun blog to read regularly too!


Pipsylou said…
Ha! No laughing here. Facebook is great. Awesome. Wonderful. I love that you can see what everyone is up to with the click of a mouse. And I love the uniformity of it SO much more than I ever liked myspace. Myspace was confusing and annoying.

Anyway, I always love it when I see you've updated in bloglines - please tell me you really don't read 538 blogs!

Do you still have "the itch"? It's not going away for me. I am praying it will. Literally. I'm praying. That it will.
Hedda said…
I haven't gotten into facebook yet. Maybe I should give it a try. Everybody talks about it and I feel so lost when they do.

Better to leave a job with good benefits that you hate, then to dread going to work everyday. You never know, the new job may have better benefits.

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