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Inside the system

I have to admit that during law school, my least favorite classes were those that had anything to do with money. I am not business-minded (obviously) and have a strong aversion to all things corporate. So this bankruptcy business a word...awful. But having filed the initial paperwork and navigated my way through the local rules of procedure, I'm thinking, after all this, that I might change my career path to become a pro bono bankruptcy attorney...or some kind of lobbyist for bankruptcy my spare time. The fact is, there is NO way your average Joe could navigate this nightmare of forms and numbers and procedures and blah blah blah. And we need to overburden people in financial trouble with the added costs of attorneys and insane filing fees? It makes no sense unless you adopt a punitive approach to bankruptcy theory (and I will respectfully leave out my political diatribe here; save for to say that I think that, at some level, punishment is exactly w…

New shoes

I bought new shoes. New shoes that are totally NOT my style. High heeled fake croc black patent leather open toe shoes. And I mean HIGH heels. I got them at Payless so they didn't cost a fortune...and I almost had fun buying them and wearing them for the first time.

I know what you're thinking, "Why wouldn't you have fun buying new shoes?" Well see, the last pair of shoes I bought was the pair of black sandals I bought back in April. My dead baby sandals.

Yes, even shoes.

First time mommy question # 86730662

Gah! Every time I've got this mom thing figured out that first kid of mine throws me for another loop!

Sam has started making this noise. I don't really know how to describe it. It's a cross between a grunt and a throat clearing and a singing note. It almost reminds me of the old-person noise I make when I bend down to tie my shoes. Except he makes it all the time and! Watching TV. Reading. Sitting at the table. Walking from one room to another. ALL THE TIME!

Is it a phase? Is it some weird verbal tic because I've finally screwed him up that bad? I know it's not right to be critical of the weirdness your child presents...but he stops it if I tell him to stop it. So it seems he has control over it. I don't get it. WHY is he doing this? And how do I get him to stop it for good?

I don't really expect an "answer" here. Just needed to give this one a voice, I guess.

Not ok

Yes, I've moved the virtual furniture around here. It's a lot easier than moving actual furniture, so that's probably why I find it so fun to do.

So remember the girl who lost a baby and thought the world would stop turning? Remember how she went on and lost another baby almost a year to the day of the first one...had another screaming baby boy who is absolutely one of the most amazing people she knows...and then lost a third baby? Remember how she moved onward and upward and distracted herself with all sorts of things so that she made everyone around her feel like she was "ok?"

Yeah...well...I'm here to tell you that she's been lying to you since April. Because, come on people, it's NOT OK! I'm NOT OK! For shit's sake...the fact that anyone believed that is absolutely utterly amazing and makes me question whether anyone who knows me AT ALL has a freaking brain. (OK...that's a little harsh...but really? I'm ok? You bought that?)

So the…