Thursday, November 18, 2010

First time mommy question # 86730662

Gah! Every time I've got this mom thing figured out that first kid of mine throws me for another loop!

Sam has started making this noise. I don't really know how to describe it. It's a cross between a grunt and a throat clearing and a singing note. It almost reminds me of the old-person noise I make when I bend down to tie my shoes. Except he makes it all the time and! Watching TV. Reading. Sitting at the table. Walking from one room to another. ALL THE TIME!

Is it a phase? Is it some weird verbal tic because I've finally screwed him up that bad? I know it's not right to be critical of the weirdness your child presents...but he stops it if I tell him to stop it. So it seems he has control over it. I don't get it. WHY is he doing this? And how do I get him to stop it for good?

I don't really expect an "answer" here. Just needed to give this one a voice, I guess.


Kathy McC said...

Nervous tic? If in doubt, call the ped.

(You haven't screwed him up, btw.)

Yo-yo Mama said...

Has he been watching National Geographic and trying to learn a new language??

My son has started cracking his neck. No matter how many times I tell him to stop, he keeps doing it. He's picked up a terrible new habit and me telling him to stop just highlights it.

Ask his teacher if he's doing it at school. Maybe he's just doing it for your "enjoyment".

msfitzita said...

Oddly enough, Sandy once told me that he used to do this when he was a kid. He doesn't know why - he didn't know then - but eventually he just stopped doing it. It sounds exactly like what you're describing - something between a repetitive throat clearing and a grunt.

I know this is of no use to you really, except to say that it's probably not an uncommon thing. Either a nervous tic or a habit - or just something he thinks sounds cool. Who knows? I bet it'll probably go away as fast as it came. But yeah, if in doubt I'd see your ped. Maybe he has a sinus issue or something - could be that simple.

Pipsylou said...

nervous tic...sometimes kids outgrow them, sometimes it's an OCD thing. ask him if he even knows he is doing it, or if he does, what he is thinking when he does it.

or, ignore this advice...he'll outgrow it. my brother did the same thing around age 12.

Connie Reagan said...

Heck, at his age I had this repetitive throat clearing thing...the pediatrician had my mom give me vile tasting cough drops for it. Looking back I think it was really sneaky aversion therapy-my throat wasn't sore to begin with but the cough drops were nas-tay!

(In other words, it appears this is not that uncommon a thing.)