Thursday, August 14, 2008

14 years ago yesterday

Happy Anniversary to the slug who apparently totally forgot about our years of wedded bliss.

Guess you didn't figure out why I was in such a pissy mood last night, did ya?

(I know, I least he's MY slug. Whatever.)


marcia said...

Happy Anniversary!
And may you have many, many more after Steve digs his way out of the doghouse!! :)

Aurelia said...

oh lord, do you know that I've given up on mine remembering? I actually tell mine a week ahead and remind him the day before. like a child! arghhhhh

I hope it was happy anyway!

JMB said...

Oh dude, you are in sooooo much trouble. Really.

Please tell me that he finally figured it out and is now trying to figure out his penance.

Julia said...


But Happy Anniversary anyway!

Shinny said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on making it 14 years. I hope we make it that long. ;)

Rosepetal said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy digging, Steve.

kate said...

Ha ha! Happy Anniversary.

DD said...

Take advantage of his absent mind and go by something flashy. Next year you can signa him with it as a reminder.

Happy Anniversary!