Friday, August 08, 2008

The world travelling doppler

I bought a doppler that arrived the day I returned from the hospital after Travis.

I lent it to a friend who had a beautiful baby boy.

It came back and I used it during my pregnancy with Myles.

I lent it to another friend who had a beautiful baby girl.

It has been returned.

I'm in the process of examining my own reaction to the darn thing (once I realized what was contained within the mailing box). So I guess the question is...Where does it go next? It seems a shame to stick it in the closet next to the Lovenox I'm storing for no known (sane) reason.

(I think I may start a new category for posts here...insane thinking...though that might be too it seems I may then have to label EVERY post with that one)


Choofy Mama said...

if you are looking to lend it out again, just lmk ;) i'd love to have a doppler, and probably will rent one once i make sure it won't heighten my post loss pregnancy paranoia, LOL


Pipsylou said...

That doppler saved my ever loving life. SERIOUSLY, thank you. I think I used it four times a day near the end...

Part of me thinks you are not done with pregnancy, part of me thinks you are, that you will always long for more children because more children is what you were supposed to have to begin with.

Which just, well, sucks.