Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank you Secret Pal!

I love everything! Thank you SO MUCH!

Love these postcards! They have such a vintage poster feel to them. I've already got plans to display them.

I am SO going to love you in real life! Nashville vacations! Awesome! We went way back when they were just building the "new" country music hall of fame. Had a BLAST! It's such a fun place to be! (Now you have to email me and let me know all the things you did while you were there.)

Bamboo! And purple! My FAVORITE!

Somebody went shopping on my Amazon wishlist! Thank you so much! And thank you for the gift certificate to Little Knits. I can't wait to shop!

Oh---Sam wants me to say thank you for the bubbles too. That was very sweet of you.

OH...and I'll just sneak this one in here...

Do you see that?!?! TEETH!!!

1 comment:

kate said...

That is awesome!

And, teeth already? Can he be that big already??