Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bargains this week

Six Hamburger Helper (on sale)
Four brownie mix (on sale)
Ten pizza rolls (on sale)
Less coupons (not sure of total...threw the receipt out already)
$17 out of pocket with $9 worth of coupons off my next order

So my next transaction...

Hamburger (on sale)
3 Chefboyardee (on sale)
Apple juice (on sale)
Kids' Yoplait
Oreos (on sale)
English Muffins (on sale)
Light wheat bread
Less coupons totaling $15
Spent $24 out of pocket

Oh! And I bought a color ink cartridge for my printer. I went the recycled route and got one from Walgreens for $16 (versus the HP brand new which was $32-$39).

I'm getting good at this! And it is totally addictive. It's like a game now to see how much I can save. It takes a little bit of planning, but it's so worth it!

1 comment:

msfitzita said...

I think you need to further explain this method of bargain hunting to those of us who are not quite as good at is as you are, but long to be. Poke. Poke. Poke.