Sunday, July 13, 2008

Clothing dilemma for the fat chick

After fruitlessly searching everywhere for a dress I liked, I bought this pattern to make my own dress for my cousin's wedding in August.

I planned to use this fabric...

Not sure about the rings for the back...probably standard bamboo rings unless I find something I like better.

Then last night I had this sudden realization that I don't have an acceptable bra to wear with such a dress. I only spent $7.50 on the fabric and $1.99 on the pattern (it was all on clearance), so I am having a real hard time with the idea of paying $30 for a bra. But I'm not everywhere is going to have a backless bra that will fit me.

At this point, I see these options...
1) Make the dress and go braless. It's just family...they've probably been traumatized by worse things I've done in the past.
2) Stash the pattern for another day and find one that works with a bra I already own.
3) Go for it, make the dress, and buy the expensive bra.

I'm not sure what to do now.

(and I will NOT, under any circumstances, wear a stick-on bra)


Kathy McC said...

LMAO at the concept of the stick-on bra!

Honestly, $30 isn't *that* bad for a bra...but I know it's annoying to spend that much on something you know you won't wear a lot.

Hmmm...depending on the boob size and floppage-factor, you could just go braless. It doesn't look from the pattern that the cut would make it offensive to be without the bra.**

**Assvice from woman in a "barely B".

MB said...

My vote? You're worth the money for the bra. But, in my experience, those things are DAMN uncomfortable. So, my vote goes for, use the fabric and find a different pattern.

I hate those kinds of bras...they suck.

Aurelia said...

But the expensive are worth it you know.

Yours Truly said...

You are worth the bra - especially with all the money you're saving on the dress. The key to deciding whether or not to buy the bra. If it were me, I would feel better about how I looked in the dress with the bra, and I would decide if I felt $30 better or just $5 better.

If you choose to go braless, can you buy inexpensive bra cups to sew into your dress?

Julia said...

3. Definitely 3.

First of all, you are, as everyone has already pointed out, worth it. And second, think of it this way-- if you buy it now, you will have it, and not only will you be able to wear this dress with it again, but your whole concept of dresses you can buy or make from then on will expand to include all sorts of stuff currently out due to the boobage issue. You know, since you will already have that bra. :) Amortize it over long term and all that.

kate said...

30 bucks is not that much for a bra, especially if it actually works! And, what julia said.

Monica said...

Yeah, buy the bra.

Gretchen said...

I realize the big appeal of the dress is the unique back, so this suggestion may be out of the question. What if you wear a light cardigan/jacket over it? It would hide the bra. That fabric speaks for itself. Gorgeous!

Or spring for the bra. Your outfit will still come in under $40, which isn't bad for a wedding.

praizeleeder222 said...

I hear ya sister, I bought one of those for my wedding, the kind with the bones... yeah let's just say us bigger girls shouldn't wear them!! Should've went for a standard strapless, so if you do get one, don't go for the bones... they stick out!!! Maybe they will have the bra on sale... one can only hope! I have another that I got from wal*mart... it's not too bad, I have a wedding next month I am in and I think it will work out great!

msfitzita said...

Hmmm, I'd make the dress (as soon as possible). If it turns out that you absolutely love it, go buy a new bra (the whole outfit, bra included, will still be very economical as far as wedding attire goes, right?). If you're not that happy with it, you can find (or make) something else without having invested in a bra you may only wear once or twice.

I bet it's going to be gorgeous though. You only make beautiful things :)

Rosepetal said...

What Msfitzita said.
What is a stick-on bra??? How would such a thing work?