Thursday, July 31, 2008

It went well

My uncle had surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor from the back of his tongue. Do you KNOW how they remove cancerous tumors from the back of your tongue? No? Do not...I NOT Google it.

The doctor said he "did well."

I sit here in the afterglow of a successful candle party and listen to my husband cuss as he attempts to reattach the recliner section of the sectional sofa...and it's all so normal.

And then I think of my aunt and uncle and what their day has been like. And while I never faced the threa of cancer, I remember uncomfortable hospital beds and pain and fear...and I remember that "well" is a relative term. I remember facing all these things while the rest of the world kept houses and hosting candle parties...

I hope he really gets "well" soon. Because this side of things is SO much better than where he's at right now.

This much I know for a fact.


Kathy McC said...

Glad to hear it went well. Now I am off to google tongue tumors...

kate said...

my mother's best friend is fighting mucosal melanoma (hers is the inside of her nose), is this what your uncle has? Probably not -- it is a very rare cancer with 'poor outcomes'. She also had surgery on the 31st, and it also 'went well'.

I hope for really well, for your uncle & my mother's friend too.