Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thieves and liars

We live in an age where it is expected that someone will steal something from us. Leave your doors unlocked and expect someone to come in and steal your television. Leave your car parked on the street and expect to return in the morning to find a shattered window and all valuables missing. Drop a wallet and expect it to be returned a few dollars lighter.

Despite my own life conditioning to expect it, I remember feeling horror back in 2006 when Bronwyn's home was burgaled and her Lydia's memory box was rifled through. No rhyme or reason...just someone rifling through what was not theirs and taking what they wanted for their own purposes with no regard for the pain they caused.

And our words are apparently no exception. If you put them out there...if you share them...they will eventually be stolen. Expect it. We are surrounded by thieves and liars. People who think it's ok to take something that isn't theirs. People who have no trouble stealing from a grieving mother who writes in tribute to her dead child.

I can not describe the anger I felt when I read of Kate's words being stolen...the outrage. I felt a surge of the old familiar grief anger. A night of restless sleep made me realize where it was coming from.

Dead baby, meet Internet newcomers. Internet newcomers, meet dead baby. His name was Liam. Not 'Dario', not 'Matteo'. LIAM.

You just don't steal from someone who has already lost so much. You just don't do it. You respect Liam's memory and you leave his mother alone. It's the only decent thing to do.


kate said...

Yes. I have not posted about this on my own blog but i am very angry. Not surprised, but angry, sad, and a bit frightened for her.

Not surprised because i have heard & seen many such things. Pictures of our babies stolen & used. People posing as grieving parents in online loss groups. Entire sagas of preemie hospitalizations totally made up (with pictures to boot). Even someone who was a longtime trusted moderator on a well-known grief site, found to be operating under false pretenses.

So this Cooper thing doesn't surprise me at all. And i am very sad that kate has been violated in this way.

Kathy McC said...

This freaks me out. A lot. Why are there so many weirdos out there. And why would someone do such a thing??

I am strongly thinking about making my blog invite only....

lorem ipsum said...

Sick, sick, sick, sick. Still sick, still sickening.

And frightening.

And sad. Oh so sad.

And sick, sick, sick, SICK.


Grief theft, as you know, was the reason I stopped my blog after more than two years of daily writing. It was someone I knew in real life and trusted, too. NOTHING is sacred, EVER.


I'm going to double-check my locks now.



Bronwyn said...

It boggles the mind... How insecure do you have to be to steal someone's grief blog? I guess that's why a lot of people go the password protected route -- like putting bars over the windows.

Whenever I think of those creeps going through Lydia's memory box I have an incontrollable urge to take a baseball bat to their jaws. I'm not usually a violent person, but that image brings out the worst in me...