Monday, July 28, 2008


New radiator
New "everything from the catalytic converter back"
New hoses

On a car that got a new transmission (when it was under warranty). And I'm pretty sure it had some brake work done in there somewhere (though I can't keep it all straight anymore).

Pretty soon I'll just be able to consider it a new car, right?
Had a meeting today at which I was informed that I'm a liar and a scumbag because I'm a lawyer. Oh, and the person "isn't bitter," but if he saw me bleeding on the side of the road he'd, "drive right on by."

I had the very unprofessional urge to tell the jackass to bite me.
Driving down the (state) road...ROAD CLOSED on a big orange sign.
No warning.
No detour.
No turnaround provided.
THIS is the story of my life.


marcia said...

Wow! and it's only Monday! :)
Here's to a better Tuesday!!!!

niobe said...

I so identify with that last anecdote. ROAD CLOSED signs always seem to be appearing unexpectedly in my life.