Thursday, September 25, 2008

$700 billion?!?!

And just where are they going to get all that money?

And exactly who is getting paid?

And who is going to be responsible for oversight of this mammoth project?
“Just as we should have asked more questions about weapons of mass destruction six years ago before we found ourselves in this war,” Mr. [Senator Richard J.] Durbin [of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat] said, “we need to ask questions today about where this is leading.”

The "plan" is three pages long. That's it. It started out as ONE page but was revised to add some additional language. $700 billion at stake and they only have time to think enough to write out three pages?!?! I deal with teeny tiny county contracts every day that have 40+ pages. Are our elected officials even doing their jobs anymore? It's clear they haven't put any REAL THOUGHT into this bailout plan.

By very crude math, I propose the following bailout...hand out $700 billion to the TAXPAYERS...every one of approximately 302 million people in the United States would get about $2300. I think that would stimulate the economy quite a bit. Don't you?

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