Tuesday, September 02, 2008


When you say bad things about "government" you are saying bad things about me. Because I am part of that government you despise.

I do not make a lot of money but I take very seriously the duty with which I am charged. I spend every day working to better all our lives.

I am open to suggestion but I do not take kindly to verbal attacks on my character or my motivations.

So watch the broad brush you use when you paint such an ugly picture of government. You may meet me in a courtroom some day. And while I always try to be fair...I am only human.


Kathy McC said...

You probably won't like my latest post, then. Of course, I have been mostly criticizing the conservative end of it...

My parents worked for the "government" for 35 years. It's not all bad...there are just certain branches I don't care for.

MB said...

Wow. What happened?

Renae said...

Preach it! I am also a government employee. I love my job and I get to do something every day that makes a difference in our world. I'm tired of the "government worker" comments.

Jillian said...

I'm curious too. I do think that most people make a distinction between a government worker and a government administration. And quite frankly there is not an administration which couldn't benefit from a bit of constructive criticism;)

I do hope you haven't been unfairly attacked though:(