Monday, September 29, 2008

Home invasion

Now I know what it feels like to be attacked in your own home.

Today we received some election mail. I can't believe the nerve of them sending this to our home...but there it was...

The front:
Vote "Yes" for Responsible Rezoning

Issue 19 is NOT a tax increase

The Township Zoning Commission voted unanimously 5-0, to approve the rezoning. Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 reaffirms their decision.

Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 will keep Township financially strong by providing much needed taxes and revenue to our community. That's especially important in a tough economy.

A "Yes" vote on Issue 19 will result in expanded wetlands and habitat for wildlife - helping make Township a leader in environmental stewardship.

On the back:
What is Issue 19?

Issue 19 is a ballot issue to reaffirm the recommendation of the Township Zoning Commission as adopted by Township Trustees to rezone 229 acres of land from R-1 to WM.

A "Yes" vote will allow the rezoning to occur as the Township Zoning Commission recommends. It does not guarantee a landfill expansion, which requires additional public hearings and approval by the Ohio EPA.

What does Issue 19 do for Township?

Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 means the community won't have to raise taxes or cut services to cover the loss of $532,000 annually to Township, City Schools and County. We can't afford higher taxes!

Voting "Yes" on Issue 19 protects our regional watershed and local environment. A "Yes" vote means the closed D Landfill can be moved away from C Creek to a modern, lined landfill with EPA oversight, at no cost to Township.

Supported by the Area Chamber of Commerce

Yes on Issue 19

Paid for by Citizens for Township, EJ, Treasurer (the landfill manager).

On the day that the stock market fell almost 800 points (the greatest single day plunge ever), we get to contemplate the total disaster that this house has become. The thing that gets us is that we weren't like those people who didn't plan ahead. We invested in this house not to make a profit but to make it our forever home. We didn't take any risky financial chances because it didn't even occur to us that we would leave here for many many years (if ever). Once again, we played by the rules only to find that it doesn't mean a hill of beans.

The simple fact is, despite the assurances by the landfill company, we don't trust their safety and we don't want to live by their dump...and neither does anybody else. A landfill expansion will render this house essentially valueless. Not our forever home...Not a re-sellable asset...

Everything we worked for...

I can't even think about it without crying.


Holley said...

Big hugs.

MB said...

I'm sorry Catherine. I have nothing to say besides it just sucks. Hugs.

Kathy McC said...

I was just saying to my mom today that I feel like even though M and I made a smart decision buying our house and not over extending our budget, we are still suffering because of the cluster-fuck this economy has become.

And now this for you. What the hell is wrong with this world??...I am so sorry. (((hugs)))

DD said...

We also invested in a great deal of property just outside of city limits (for now), and we were upset just when the neighbors wanted to move a pre-fab a quarter mile have this very real potential to face by you and your family? It makes me queasy b/c nothing is sacred.

Jelly-Filled said...

It's just not fair. I'm sorry this is happening. ((Hugs))

kate said...

I have a similar situation financially-speaking, though at least there is no dump planned. We invested all we had, and now it looks like we might be completely fucked.

I know you can't put out a mailing but can you & your neighbors get together & make a stink (so to speak!) about this dump? A little publicity on the other side can go a long way.

Well, we can just hope for the best, right?

Aurelia said...

I'm so sorry. Can you sue? This just seems so horrible and unfair.

Pipsylou said...

Reading this just makes me want to cry. UGH.