Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My husband said something really irritating the other day.

He said, "You're at your happiest when you are being creative."

And now I can't stop thinking about it because he's right and I, (a) hate it when he's right; and (b) wonder what happened to me that he has to point it out for me to see it.

The blogs I read...all creative. ONE lawyer blog in my entire blogroll of 262 blogs (and I only read that one because she rarely talks law, is an awesome mom, and she tells the best kid stories).

I've been unhappy in my chosen career for a while now. I thought I'd get over it. I kept telling myself that the intangible benefits were worth it. Now, because of my irritating husband, I'm not so sure.

So now what? Is it too early for a midlife crisis at 37?


Sweet Coalminer said...

When I think about getting back into the working world, I think about non-law jobs. I think about cooking. I think about non-profits. Occasionally, I think about children's law (dependency mostly).

I don't think your crazy at all. I wish someone had told me how much being a lawyer sucks for people with families, and also that I would leave school and shortly thereafter have a family.

Sweet Coalminer said...

sorry. I don't think YOU'RE crazy. That's like the 3rd time I've done that today. I hate that.

Also, I'm 36. I'm ready for a new career. 36 is the new 25?