Saturday, August 04, 2007

If wishes were babies...

My planned (large) diaper bag came in the mail today (my friend made it).
We went shopping and I bought baby clothes and a baby blanket and a (little) diaper bag.
We talked about the baby's name.
We talked about the future...we joked whether Sam would teach the baby to be cranky...especially when hungry.
We debated car seats and strollers and swings and bassinets...we planned which baby gear we will buy (most likely on the way home from the hospital).
We've buried two babies we wanted very much.

Today at the mall we witnessed a woman say to her not-more-than-three-year-old son, "B!tch, if you don't hurry the f*ck up and get up here I'm going to beat your f*cking @ss."

Noticing that people were looking at her in horror, she followed up her loving proclamation with, "And other people should mind their own d@amn business if they don't f*cking like what I have to say."

Normally I would cry about the unfairness of my life.

Tonight, I cry for the unfairness of that little boy's life.
If wishes were babies, our little GB will arrive healthy and perfect...without question.

And that little boy in the mall will grow up to be an amazing and wonderful man...DESPITE the woman who has so clearly not earned the right to be his mother.


Renae said...

OMG - why in the hell are people like that even allowed to procreate???

I'm crying right along with you.

delphi said...

I am often struck by people who are clearly not appreciating their children. And, let me tell you, I have NEVER heard anyone speak to a child in that mannar before. So maybe I should ease up on the ones who don't dress their children properly? Nope, probably not.

So sorry for that little boy - I hope he rises above it (stranger things have happened).

Congrats on your shopping trip.

niobe said...

If that woman acts like that in public, I can only imagine how much worse she must be behind closed doors. I hope there's someone -- a father, an aunt, a teacher -- looking out for that little boy.

Beruriah said...

I know a few pretty amazing people who have risen above treatment like that. That poor kid.

Congrats on all the hopeful shopping and talking though.

MB said...

I second your wishes for GB and that little boy. Just further goes to prove that life is just not fair.

DD said...

As angry as I would be hearing that, it would be my husband who would have followed her to her car and took down her license and then called CPS.

I would have been too upset to even think straight.

How I wish that wishes were babies, too.

miraclebaby said...

Poor baby:(

Lisa P. said...

Oh how that makes me want to cry for all the injustice in this world... that people who desperately want babies struggle to get them, and that kids like that are living in this world and there's not a damn thing any of us can do about it. It frustrates me to no end.

I'm thinking the best thoughts every day for you and GB. :)

kate said...

I am so sorry for that little boy...i will never understand the world.

And yes, thinking good thoughts for you!

GLouise said...

Ah, poor little boy.
I have never heard an adult talk like that to a child! I'm not sure I would have been able to contain myself. Good grief.

Thinking of you, dear C.