Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Much appreciated

Thank you all for indulging me in my episode of self-pity yesterday. I'm feeling much better today thanks to a bowl of ice cream last night. One high glucose reading was well worth the satisfaction found in those Moose Tracks. In fact, my numbers are very well controlled by diet and I can reduce the number of finger sticks to a couple times a week as long as I promise to follow the diet. I promised...and I will.

It's not that it's hard to's that it FEELS hard to do. It's like I'm juggling all these crazy emotions over this pregnancy, Sam starting kindergarten, Steve finding a new job (hopefully a post is coming soon about that), and me just feeling all this pressure to make everything work. It all falls down on me at unexpected times and I write it out here so my poor husband doesn't have to listen to me whine about it (I swear, that man is a saint).

Anyway...Baby Myles is doing well. He did a little jig for us during our spot ultrasound today. He is, if I'm allowed to say, absolutely ADORABLE...even in his transparent and slightly scary way. Everything looks good and we're up for steroid shots in two weeks as a precaution in case there is a need to deliver early due to any weird uterine infections cropping up. I am slightly very anxious about the fact that we talked about early amnio and delivery by c-section. It's not ideal for me and I really wonder if there is any wiggle room with that option. I mean, I struggled to VBAC two dead babies so I could avoid surgery (70+ hours with Alex)...I would hate to think I could have just opted for a section since it makes no difference now. Maybe I'll email Dr. A. and see what he thinks.

Now I must ask you something...did you know that in the ice cream brands I compared, the no sugar added version only had ONE less gram of carbohydrate per half cup than the regular old sugar filled ice cream? What's the point? And how about this...ONE slice of stone ground wheat bread has almost as many carbs as TWO slices of Light Wheat bread (and light wheat tastes better)? I used to think those truth in food labeling advocates were a little off their rockers, but now I remember what all the fuss is about. There are some people for whom label reading is very important. Can you imagine believing you've bought the better bread only to find out (at home) you can only have HALF a sandwich? That would really tick me off.

Thank you all for your suggestions for yummy food ideas. I'm really doing ok. I've not gained any weight for three weeks now and Myles is growing and grooving. And there really isn't too much's just a matter of having to THINK about it now instead of mindlessly eating...instead of mindlessly doing anything. I miss the old days where I could be pregnant without having to think about it. But this is my life now. And I'll do it because I want this baby boy here and alive more than anything I've ever wanted in my life. Guess I'm not really as selfish as I sound.


MB said...

Holy hell Catherine, you anything but selfish. You deserve to enjoy this pregnancy as much as you deserve to be scared, nervous, whiney or any emotion you see fit to express.

Mmmmm....Moose Tracks.

Trevor said...

Have you also noticed that things labelled as "low fat" have loads of sugar and things labelled "low sugar" have loads of fat?

Aurelia said...

Funny about the bread, there was an ad campaign up here a while back about that. Dempsters uses 100% real whole wheat flour, and is better nutritionally, but the other "whole wheat" breads use food coloring, and only 10 % whole wheat flour, and the rest white flour. This of course, impacts the carbs, and general fibre/vitamin level, but the casual purchaser just sees, "wheat bread" and never notices the label.

So yes, the tiny print can be revealing!

I'm sorry about the c-section issue. I'd wonder why you couldn't be induced early if needed. If you have to have a section, then of course you'd get it, but if you could deliver vaginally, well heck why not try?

Julia said...

About the ice cream-- the sugar-frees list undigestable carbs, like those from sugar alcohols (polyols) in the total carbs line. (This is because the total carbs are calculated by substraction of fat and protein calories from total calories and division of that number by 4 (cal/g of carb), not measurment.) But most of the labels then break those down for fiber, sugar, and the sugar alcohols. The brands I can get here have significantly lower real sugar carb count than ice cream made with sugar. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Fiber counts! If I eat a whole grain wheat bread that's high in fiber, it really reduces the effects of the carbs for me (as a diabetic) and I barely see a rise in my numbers.

Be careful with foods that use sugar substitutes. A diet soda spikes my glucose more than a regular soda. Some can really haywire your system. Luckily, I only crave soda about once year.

And, ice cream raises my blood sugar more slowly than say a candybar, but it seems to linger a bit longer also.

You are doing great and should be giving yourself a pat on the back.

Take good care of you!