Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Missed opportunity?

She had it all figured out.

Now she's on bed-rest for contractions.

She's not due until October.

Maybe I should have said something.


Beruriah said...

Oh, SHIT. We don't actually want other women to have their illusions smashed in such a personal way.

I don't think your advice would have made a difference though. She might have been remembering it now.

I hope she and the baby will be okay.

Jill said...

Sadly, I doubt you'd have made a bit of difference except perhaps providing her with the extra regret of not having listened:( I hope they are ok.

Shinny said...

I hope that they are ok. If she knew your story and still thought that way, then nothing you could have said would have changed her mind. Some people have that, "It can't happen to me" attitude, regardless of what you say.

Wishing her luck.

Julia said...

I am with the others-- she likely wouldn't have listened, but would feel guilty about it now.
Wishing her luck.

Elizabeth said...

My best friend had 2 preemies. When I got pregnant, I thought, "it will never happen to me." Now I've had 2 preemies.

Even if you told her everyday, she still wouldn't have listened. It always a shock when it does happen to you.

BasilBean said...

I totally agree with what has been said--it wouldn't have made a difference.

The fact that she is at home on bedrest (and not in the hospital) is probably a good sign.

Bon said...

i know i said "i'd tell her" but i was just being a snot, basically. everyone else is right...she probably wouldn't have listened no matter what you said.

i just don't think that the entitlement to keep one's head in the sand is my job to protect.

i do hope all goes well for her and her babe.