Thursday, August 30, 2007

It is going to be a great day

It's 9:30am (work starts at 8) and I am just now logged into my computer due to "server issues."

The air conditioning, that was reportedly "repaired" this morning, is blowing out hot air into this building that was built in 1810 and has absolutely no air circulation otherwise.

I got up no less than eight times last night and am tired and cranky (and now incredibly hot).

Maybe I'll just leave blogging for another day.


One client is charged with contempt based on an affidavit that is filled with untruth (I don't want to call someone a LIAR...but you get the idea...and I have the documentation to PROVE it...sucker!).

I had to speak very slowly to a clerk at the Secretary of State's office. Heaven help us when he gets his bar results and actually becomes an attorney.

I smell from sitting in this heat.

I have to work late to make up some time.

I just discovered I will be 1.5 credits shy of my continuing legal education requirement unless I take a useless class that I won't need in my job.


But I received a gift from my American Business Women's Association secret pal today (delivered to work) that made me smile.

My son has soccer practice again that made me smile.

And my husband got himself a NEW JOB and was able to turn in his resignation today at the place that remains nameless (there may be more about this in subsequent posts...AFTER he is safely out of the hot zone)!!! In the meantime, please join me in offering CONGRATULATIONS!!! to my dear husband. I am so so so proud of him and I hope this new job provides him the professional happiness I know he has so desperately been looking for. I love you honey.


Julie said...

Working inside a hot building with no ventilation is brutal. Our a/c spits out marginally tepid air - sometimes - and we can't open the windows. It is suffocatingly miserable, and I know you being pregnant must be roasting in the heat.
And Congrats to Steve! Good luck and go kick some butt, dude.

Sherri said...


MB said...

Wahoo for Steve!

Phew...thanks for the heads up on the typo!

Jelly-Filled said...



niobe said...

Yay for Steve! That is such good news.

Bon said...

well, your day has my sympathies, but yay for Steve! and the family, too...this is a very good thing. :)

Rosepetal said...

That's great for Steve, I hope he finds professional happiness (and all other types of happiness of course).

Shinny said...

Congratulations Steve!!! Hope the new job is everything you dreamed it would be.

Catherine, I SO know what you mean about the smelling thing. Right there with you dear. Imagine what our house is like with now air conditioning. Yeah, not fun. Needless to say the water bill is going to be high due to multiple showers a day for everyone. ;)

kate said...

Congratulations Steve!

Laura said...

Congrats Steve!

Ruby said...