Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crafty resolutions

When in about crafts...

My craft table has been sitting in the barn since my uncle delivered it almost a year ago. It's a heavy heavy piece and required two men to move it. So, on Christmas Day, I roped my brother (who complains that every time he visits I make him lift heavy things) into helping my husband bring it into my undecorated/unfurnished dining room. It needs painted a better color than its current colonial blue (which I forever banished from this house with the removal of "the big blue box" that enclosed our old wood-burning fireplace and blocked off our beautiful WIDE living room door opening (we're talking about hanging french doors...I'll keep you posted))...but it has this really neat slide out table that will be fabulous for cutting fabric! But I digress...the table is in the house and just waiting to be used for something crafty. Now I just need to reassemble my sewing machine (it had to be removed from its table/cupboard so that we could move it upstairs/downstairs during the time the furniture was rearranged to make room for the Christmas tree)...and I'll be good to go. Now I just need to figure out what I want to do.

We won't discuss all the projects from last year that went un-finished...OK, so maybe we will since they are integral to what I want to get done this year. But this year I'm putting them all in one place so I can check them off as I go. It didn't work so well with the books I was supposed to read (which I'm going to carry over to this coming year). But hopefully I'll find more motivation in 2008.

~First and foremost, I want to sew up the hems on my bedroom curtains. They've been safety pinned for almost a year now. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

~Next, I want to get back to crafting for charity. I've got at least a half dozen burial gowns in the works...not to mention hats and booties. Alex, Travis, and Myles all received wonderful gifts from these sorts of efforts and I want to pay it forward, I suppose you could say.

~I want to catch up with MOM Project bracelets. I have fallen woefully behind. I have beads but will need to buy some wire soon due to the number of pending requests. Thankfully, JoAnns keeps sending me 40% off coupons.

~I MUST finish a couple of baby gifts I've got on the hooks. Can't say too much. Don't want to spoil the surprises. :o)

~I really want to finish the afghan for a friend that I've been working on since October of 2006. She's recently announced she's moving. I hope the colors will still work in her new house.

~Next, I want to find and finish the tea cozies I promised a couple of friends. Yes, I know I said it was weird and I still think it IS weird. But I have weird friends so it all balances out.

~Knit Blue a ruffle sweater.

~Find the box of supplies and at least start the crochet shrug from Secret Pal 9.

~Work on Myles' baby blanket.

~Start work on a couple of quilts and afghans. Steve got me this pattern book for Christmas and I would LOVE to do the crochet dragonfly afghan. I have tried knitting dragonfly squares but have NO talent when it comes to following a knitting pattern. I'm fine with crochet patterns, so I'm excited to have this particular one.

I still have dragonfly squares to sew up into a quilt for myself (and my aunt's quilt referenced in that post isn't done yet either [hanging head in shame]).

~As previously mentioned...SNOWFLAKES!

~FINALLY put together my mom's newest medieval faire costume. She's been so patient, waiting for the last THREE years. I've got six months. I'm starting now...

...after I nurse the screaming baby...

(Anyone want to bet how much I actually get done this year?)


Aurelia said...

It will make complete sense to do all of this if you grow another head and 2 more sets of arms!

Then again, you are the single most efficient person I've ever met, so who knows? Maybe...

miraclebaby said...

good luck getting all that done!

Julia said...

that's an ambitious plan, but I am not going to be stupid enough to bet against you. Now that you have your craft table and all.