Monday, November 13, 2006

Thank you to my secret pal!

I spent, literally, the entire day in a mediation that exhausted me. The good news is, it looks like there will be a resulting settlement and I was inspired by a couple of things that I hope to write about here in the next couple of days. But I am beat. And I came home to this from my secret pal...a whole crochet kit!
~Four skeins of Red Heart Foxy yarn, Majesty color, two skeins of coordinating Red Heart Super Saver in Sierra color, and a pattern sheet with patterns for a scarf, shawl, poncho or shrug. I just may have to try my first's so fun looking.
~One skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Lime. No idea what I'll do with is so bright.
~Two No. 13 yarn needles
~One size L Crystalite crochet hook from Red Heart.

I love everything and I can't thank my secret pal enough for brightening my day. I actually have been working on my knitting for the past couple of I'll have to finish up my first knitted project (a scarf my son has already claimed) and get back to crochet. Thank you again secret pal!


Holley said...

Shrugs are great! You should definitely try one.

Enjoy playing with your new stuff. Sounds like a great end to a tiring day. Your secret pal has excellent timing.

three minute palaver said...

Catherine, I stumbled across another blogger (on the shape of a Mother blog) who lost a baby 5 months ago and I thought about you and your darling Travis and how close in timing both these losses are. If you want to read or connect with her, Janice's at

(I always believe we have strength in numbers)

Emily said...

Hey Catherine, thankyou so much for you kind gifts! They arrived this morning and brightened up my day so much! Ive posted a picture on my blog. The yarn is absolutely amazing, I cant thank you enough! You really are a lovely person!

miraclebaby said...

looks like fun!! You deserve a LOT of fun.