Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No two are alike

I was a Secret Pal "angel" for someone who did not receive their gift from their Secret Pal. I hope she likes it (though it appears it has not yet arrived). I doubt she'll scour the list of Secret Pals, so I feel free to share my handmade snowflakes with you all. I loved doing them...they're fast and easy and so so pretty.

My plan was to make one snowflake a week during the year so that I would have 52 to decorate our Christmas tree with this year. These four (and another half of one) are the only ones I they made a great gift (at least, I would have loved to receive them). Maybe I'll do better with the snowflake work in 2008. (Or maybe I should just buy them from Lillian Vernon.)


Candy said...

OMG! I used to make those as well! And I sold some of them at craft fairs, but then they just got to be too much trouble. Especially when I saw LIllian Vernon was selling them already made. Humph.

Julia said...