Thursday, September 15, 2005

All this crafting stuff

I'm realizing how much I really enjoy crafting...for charity and for others. I sometimes go in and out of phases where I start a project and don't finish it. I think I'm going to pull out that Debbie Mumm quilt I started for my Aunt years ago and finally finish it. It's really almost done...I don't know WHY I haven't finished it before now.

But I also realized I've never done anything for myself...not so much as a scrap or a stitch has been done for me. I've made Sam a couple crocheted blankies...and I made Alex a blankie...but I've never made anything just for ME. How strange is that?

So I went off to eBay and found some great fabric. And I'm going to make myself not one, but TWO projects. One just to use...and the other for my bed. I'm most excited about the "me" blanket...made with these quilt squares...

Oh...and Aunt Jonette...if you're reading this...I have that video and will send it out in the mail to you. Maybe you can use that fancy new sewing machine of yours to make something amazing. :o)

Now I know why I never finished the quilt. It was my first attempt and it's awful. I'm going to pull apart the squares and try to salvage some of it. Keep your fingers crossed for it...and me.

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holley said...

I love the fabric.