Going looney

I have now had TWO requests for tea cozies. You people are not going to be happy until you create a new crafting obsession for me, are you?

Cynthia (I owe you and email) and Jill (what color would you like?)...I will get to work on these weird things for you as soon as possible. I guess I need to start drinking real tea so I can understand the use...but the pattern seems easy and my fingers love to work with yarn for people who appreciate what I make for them...so it's a win-win situation.


Jill said…
Tee-hee:-P You don't have to do that!! Unless of course you do secretly want to:)

Actually, real tea is very good and it comes in so many yummy flavours - you should try a few different ones!
Anonymous said…
Win-win...until we show up at your door to have you committed, that is...

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