Friday, May 18, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

Last night, while laying in bed, Sam revealed that he had gotten in trouble at daycare and had gotten a timeout. Then he giggled...quite pleased with himself for having pulled one over on Steve and I. That whole no-tv-if-we-get-a-bad-report-from-daycare thing only works if we actually GET a bad report. Smart kid. Learning to keep his mouth shut early in life.
I have shopping to do this weekend!

I have to buy a birthday exchange gift for another 5-year-old boy. I think I'll take Sam and get his opinion. I also am getting a couple small gifts for some friends...and I think I'm going to need to start at least looking for baby gifts for Kate's twins. I also have to do some secret pal shopping. I have one more package to get out before the end of this month in order to meet my obligation. This means a trip to a craft store...I just don't know if I can handle that...but I'll force myself. :o)

I also need to pick up some yellow pansies and orange marigolds.
I wanted to thank each of you for the faith and hope expressed in the comments of my last post. It's amazing what it can feel like just to hear someone say, "I have no doubts," or, "I have hope."
Many have said they have "girl vibes" about this pregnancy. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm sure it will inspire a longer post someday. But right now I'm just excited to announce that yesterday marked the official change from embryo to fetus. One step at a time, right?
My feet smell bad. I'm not sure if it's the new sandals or what. But seriously...ick!
Blogger now automatically saves drafts! Genius!
It's going to be interesting here at work. My office neighbor finally passed the bar exam. He now goes from paralegal status to attorney status. He previously worked under the appellate attorney. Now that he's a full-fledged attorney, I don't think she's his supervisor anymore. I wonder how everyone is going to adjust after hearing a very awkward conversation where she offered him an actual appellate case, "To cut his teeth on as an actual attorney."
I just turned down free tickets to the Indians game. There were only two tickets and we're a family of three right now. It just wouldn't be right.
If facial hair alone is any indicator of the health of the fetus (who I need to think of a cute little name for), then s/he is doing amazingly well in there. I swear I woke up this morning with a full beard. blech!
Like I said...numb is serving me well. Unfortunately, it makes for a boring ass blog.


DD said...

I did wonder about that, if this one was a girl. I've lost two known girls and if I get pregnant again part of me would like to finally have that girl. The other part of me would hope for a boy so I wouldn't think of the "what ifs" in comparison. It does deserve a long post, but I get it.

Drowned Girl said...

I'm rooting for you


Artblog said...

Personally, I think pregnancy blogs should be boring. They should be a right royal bore in the ass :) :) :)

And I'm sure you couldn't care less what the sex is, right?


Sara said...

I'm very glad to hear your face is hairy! I have hope for you, too, really.

And I hope the pregnancy stays uneventful and happy!

Bon said...

beard, huh? pregnancy is so sexy. :)

and numbness is a fine place to be, Catherine. whatever works. straddling fear and hope and grief and joy is incredibly hard, and often evens out to numb even when there are identifiable strong feelings underneath...just know that so many of us are hoping and rooting for you, and don't really care if all you post for the next seven months is "my beard is growing." we'll be thrilled.

as for gender, after losing Finn i thought i really didn't care about what sex O would turn out to be, but got a bit of a shock at my own reaction when the u/s said boy. i was much more frightened for a boy..."my son" to me was the child i had lost, and i had to navigate a lot of triggers over the months following the u/s in dealing with that news and my own fear. i realize it won't be the same for you, having had a healthy Sam...but while you may not care what sex the baby turns out to be, one gender or the other may have triggers for you given all the sorrow you've had to deal with...for awhile i felt really guilty and ungrateful about that until i realized that they weren't all wrapped up in the same thing.

i'm probably babbling. happy Saturday. brush that beard for us.

Ruby said...

Smart Sam. ;)

Boring can be good. A boring pregnancy is even better.

Woman Lost said...

One day at a time!! What ever gets you through! And all those other little cheesy cliches!