Friday, May 14, 2010

Miscellaneous thoughts

Just realized I left a small glass of Southern Comfort Hurricane cocktail sitting on my bedside table. I wonder if the cats will drink it and if they do, will it kill them?

(For the record...not they did not...and they are fine.)
I talked with a client on the phone...and I just kept wondering, "Does he know? Did someone tell him? What if he doesn't know? The next time he sees me he's surely going to figure it out. Maybe I should just say something. But I can't...etc...etc...etc."

Don't ask me what he wanted...I can't remember ANY of our conversation.
I bled for two weeks...ovulated...and now I have my period.

Every day I checked the toilet paper for blood. Every.Single.Day. I figured if it was all going to go wrong, it would be something new and exciting like a bloody miscarriage. Instead, our baby just quietly died.

And now there is blood.

I just can't put into words how this has knocked the wind out of me.
I have been "not pregnant" for a month now...and I just caught myself leaning back in my chair with my cup resting on the top of my belly.
I sent out a couple feelers for photographer assistant jobs. Didn't get them (didn't even hear back). But I have been motivated lately to pick up my camera and WORK with it. I'm also editing some older shots for what will turn into a portfolio (maybe online). For my sanity, I have to make some changes in my life. HAVE TO.
I applied for a forbearance for my law school loans. Bill paying wasn't high on our list of priorities for a few weeks and I got kind of behind. For some reason, they approved it for the majority of the loans...but not for one portion of it (something about private versus federal...blah, blah, blah). So that portion remains delinquent.

The collection person called me today asking when payment would be made.
I said, "I don't know."
She asked, "You can't make the payment?"
I said, "No, I don't think I can."
She SIGHED and said, "This did affect your credit and the calls will continue until payment is made."
I said, "It's your dime."
She said, "Thank you," and HUNG UP!

Now, this is my first go-round with being late with bills of any I have no collections experience to compare it to. But that's it?!?! Really?!?! You're going to CALL ME until I pay?!?! I'm shaking in my boots.

At least the lady who called about the late car payment asked me where the car was and what shape it was in (to which I said, "You sound like you're about to repossess it for ONE late payment"). Now THAT was at least a LITTLE intimidating.

And for the record, I DO plan on paying the missed payment...I was just jerking her chain to see what kind of reaction I'd get. I guess now I know.
Finally, using all those maxi pads pays off. Free movie ticket offer inside specially marked packages of Always (and Tampax). I'm going to see some Russell this weekend for free...awesome!

And I cashed in some of my Pamper's points a while back and got an Applebee's gift card. So we'll have dinner too!

Wince we did not manage to overcome the Mother's Day shadow last weekend and get our tattoos...I will be doing that as well. Steve may or may not, depending on whether he can come up with a design idea that doesn't repulse me. It's his skin...but I have to look at we're trying to find something that makes us both happy.


Holley said...

I'm envious of your impending Russell-ing. I was actually thinking about asking you to go with me. Tell me if you think it is worth re-russell-ing with me later.

I don't answer the phone, but the collections agencies tend to send of mean letters. They probably don't pay that person enough to motivate her to be feistier with you.


marcia said...

As in Russell Crowe? Robin Hood? Saw it tonight :) 140 minutes went by quickly...shades of Brave Heart. At least that is what we both said leaving the theatre...and we both liked Braveheart! :) As I said, "The good guy got the good lady" and Jim said,"....and the bad guy got the arrow!..and now we know how Robin Hood got his start" Elements that made us both glad we saw it! :)