Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exact Replica

I'm finding nuggets in this book that take hold and won't let go.

"It was very strange to have been so happy so recently, and I felt that if I puzzled it over enough I might be able to find my way back..."

That is exactly it.


kate said...

I think the 'puzzling over', or as Joan Didion puts it, the 'sifting', is a huge part of grief work. In contrast with Didion's story of losing her husband, in the case of losing a baby there are so few memories to sift through. So i think it takes longer, it is more nebulous. I can't say more complicated, because i haven't lost a spouse so i can't compare.

Glad you got my package and that the book was a help, and it seems like it got there in pretty good time, too.

Pipsylou said...

Been listening to this song on repeat and Scott says I need to turn it off. But, man:

I don’t want to leave here
I don’t want to stay
It feels like pinching to me either way
The places I long for the most
Are the places where I’ve been
They are calling after me like a long lost friend

It’s not about losing faith
It’s not about trust
It’s all about comfortable
When you move so much
The place I was wasn’t perfect
But I had found a way to live
It wasn’t milk or honey
But then neither is this

I’ve been painting pictures of Egypt
Leaving out what it lacked
The future seems so hard
And I want to go back
But the places that used to fit me
Cannot hold the things I"ve learned
And those roads closed off to me
While my back was turned

The past is so tangible
I know it by heart
Familiar things are never easy to discard
I was dying for some freedom
But now I hesitate to go
Caught between the promise
And the things I know

If it comes too quick
I may not recognize it
Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?
If it comes too quick
I may not appreciate it
Is that the reason behind all this time and sand?