Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time warp

The last time we went out to a movie was on my birthday in February. We went to the same movie theater. Only it was cold and snowy then and I wore my peachy orange winter coat and my scarf and my boots. I was so worried about slipping on the ice that Steve parked in a parking space right up by the front door.

This time, I wore a light little top and my new black sandals with heels. We parked as far away from the front door as we possibly could.

I said, "I feel like I'm in a time warp here."

He said, "I didn't you want to go to a different theater?"

"No. I can face this one."

We each took a deep breath, went inside, and enjoyed a different movie.

Sometimes it's just so hard to believe it was just a month ago it all went upside down. Sometimes I can vividly remember little details that were so unimportant at the time (but obviously must've made an impression). Mostly, I remember the happiness and the feeling that anything was possible.

Yes, I can face those memories.

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