Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Dr. A.

Dr. A:
Your office tells me they can’t get me in to see you until February 3rd at 1pm. Is it ok to wait that long?
(This is karma, right. Basket-cases should never be allowed to get the flu and cancel appointments.)
Hi, Cathy,
Let me see what I can do to get you in next week...
Appointment January 27th at 11am.


marcia said...

It's always a good sign if your doc replies using his first name, and not "Dr. A" :)
Taking bets on a Monday, Jan 25 app't "suddenly" opening up?
And, of course you will gush all over the scheduling person who calls with the info..."OH! Thank you so very much for working so hard to squeeze me in!" :)

marcia said...

Oh..duh! I didn't even see that last line :) Wed isn't bad either! :)

Rosepetal said...

Yay Dr. A.
Boo Dr. A's receptionist. But maybe you can just tell Dr. A that it would avoid stress for you if s/he could just instruct the reception to get you in for fast appointments as a general rule.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the 27th.

Pipsylou said...

waiting for the first ultrasound SUCKS ASS. MAJOR ASS. haven't heard from you for awhile and afraid that you hate me.....had a bunch of miscarriages and now i'm drinking wine.

probably shouldn't post while drinking wine.

never a good idea.


good night.

Pipsylou said...

p.s. wishing you TWINS!


ever been to medieval times? you should time you're in california, that is.