Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day by day

I was all hyped about this blogging thing. And then I got sick and tired (yes, mom, feel free to insert your own mom-joke here). And it all sort of fell apart. So...let's give this another try...shall we?

I'm forgetting things...missing deadlines...committing to tasks that I know darn well I can't complete. My house is disgusting (we just took our Christmas tree down yesterday, if that tells you anything). And speaking of Christmas, I STILL haven't sent my sister and her husband their gifts. Basically, things are going great around here and I'm coping SO WELL.

Meh...I can't really complain (except for...maybe...my overuse of "..." in my boring blog posts).

Warning: Random boring crap to follow...

Sam got an identical postcard to the one he's received for the previous two grading periods. He still needs to work on handwriting and staying on task. Since Steve and I still have to work on handwriting, I'm not stressing too much about that. And the staying on task...well...we're at the point where there isn't much else we can do. This morning he wanted to wear shorts to school because he couldn't find clean pants. Did I mention it's about 26 degrees and snowing outside?

Myles is going through that two-year-old explosion of vocabulary that is exciting and frustrating all at the same time. There are words he says quite clearly and words he seems to have made up for his own use. He REFUSES to say "Sam" and instead calls his brother, "Mosh." I personally have tried to work on it and I have no idea how these things are supposed to progress...so I'm just waiting to see what happens. The long and short of it is that we can't always understand him and he melts down. Two years old is hard on all of us.

Steve's 42-inch television broke about three weeks ago. It took a week to get a repair guy out to verify it was, in fact, broken (AND we had to take time off work in order to meet the guy at our house). The repair guy couldn't repair it right then...even though he knew what was wrong with it...because he had to order the parts in order to get paid under the warranty. The parts never arrived (in fact, there is some question as to whether they ever even shipped). We paid $250 for a warranty, but it wasn't the "Black Tie" warranty...so we just had to wait. Yesterday, I think the company just got tired of Steve pestering them with phone calls and gave him a code for a new television. But since we didn't pay for delivery the first time, we have to drag the broken television to the store and pick up the new television ourselves. Who provides such stellar service? Best Buy. All I have to say is...never again.

Today is Mexican Fiesta Lunch at the office (in honor of the boss being gone to Mexico for three weeks). I'm REALLY hungry thinking about it. Other than that, there ain't much to tell about me. My job is still here for now...though I am actively looking elsewhere now that the situation has gotten so much worse here. It's looking like we will be the second county in Ohio to enter fiscal emergency (which will result in what is essentially state control). There are 88 counties...so it's not really a positive distinction. I was feeling like it was time for a change anyway...so I'm choosing to look at this as a positive step FOR ME.


kate said...

Good luck with the job situation.

Here, the boys call Alexander 'Juus' and a van is 'bee-lah'. We had been driving around for about a month wondering what 'na-bee-lah' means, turns out it means 'another van'. Who knew vans were so exciting. But i recently heard both 'ban' for van and 'Ah-juus-ser' for Alexander, so it changes quickly enough. Gotta write down 'bee-lah', because i will never remember that.

Interestingly, the twins are less frustrated with language than my singletons were...probably because they know that there exists at least ONE other person who understands them.

Michele said...

Our almost 5 month old twins "talk" to each other in grunts and sounds that we find amusing but cant understand. They however watch each other and nod and keep going, as though they are having an intimate conversation.

three minute palaver said...

Hi. hoping you'll post soon. I've been thinking of you, knowing you had a Dr's app on 27th and wishing you'd post good news. Still have my fingers crossed. xClare

Fiore said...

thanks for your visit in my blog , kiss fron Italy , have a nice day!!!:-)

miraclebaby said...

Still wondering if everything is ok with baby... thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I' visiting your blog :-)
Have a nice week-end