Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zen and the art of...whatever

Between worrying and...well...worrying, I just don't have time for anything productive (like blogging). I'm TRYING not to dwell. I didn't even freak out on the receptionist who re-scheduled my flu-cancelled OB appointment for February 3rd. Nor did I freak out when the pharmacy told me they are out of stock of my Lovenox and I will have to pick up my refill tomorrow (and have a delayed injection as a result). I've really been holding it together pretty well.

But ever since a friend went in for her first ultrasound last week (at about 8 weeks) and found a 5-week gestational sac with no baby...it's not been easy.

I keep telling myself that whatever will be...will be. But honestly, that isn't making the knot between my shoulders go away.
The Christmas stuff is still up at my house and I haven't sent my sister and her husband their Christmas presents.

God, I suck.


Kellie said...

You're in survival mode Catherine - and in survival mode, you can't suck. It's impossible. Just do what you have to do to get through and for fuck sake - the pharmacy is OUT of Lovenox? I hope they will see to it that doesn't happen again. God.

Hedda said...

We are all still here for you and we all still love you.

You can lean on us any time.


Shanna said...

Deep breath, exhale. Holding my breath for you, so you don't have to. ;) Hugs and love from way over here. You know it is only an 8 hour drive if you need me and my vacation pot has been refilled for the new year. Just say the word.