Friday, August 14, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

I was trying to convince a photographer friend of mine to participate in NIMLDTS when I realized I should put my money where my mouth is. So...I've become a digital retouch artist for NILMDTS. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do it. It's not done without paying an emotional matter how "well adjusted" I may be.
I've been working on sewing projects with my beautiful new serger. Here's a shirt I made to wear in the 90 degree 90% humidity.
If you read only one blog post this week...make it this one.
It wasn't the gluten after all. Though I've never felt better and plan to still eat gluten free (for the most part), the skin rash on my hand was a plain old allergic reaction. I won't tell you what it was...because it's embarassing. was not THAT...get your minds out of the gutter!

This exercise has proven, once again, that Dr. Google can be a curse and a blessing. But it has also proven that I CAN stick to a no more excuses.
Last year, my husband's company offered free school supplies. The pickings were slim, but we were grateful for every little bit of help. This year, Sam got a bag of school supplies that should last him through the entire year. 36 ink pens...I don't think he's even allowed to use ink pens in second grade.
My amazing husband got a promotion! He is now an old guy with "Senior" in his job title. I'm so proud of him. At least one of us is going places in our career.
Speaking of my career...I've got some complaining to do about mine...mainly about the feeling that, when it really comes down to brass tacks, my boss won't be there to back me up. I wonder why I bother doing what I do if it's not worth the effort to him. It seems like a waste of my time and his. Maybe it's time to seriously look elsewhere. (insert whine about how much I hate the job search thing)
No diamonds for my anniversary. *sigh* But I guess since I've got an amazing husband and two beautiful kids I'll ignore the oversight...this time. lol!


Hennifer said...

A beautiful list and congrats on sticking to the gluten free way of life and feeling better!!

Sherri said...

i love the top you made - the fabric is gorgeous and i love the style! you make me want to figure out how to get my serger to work... :-)

ps congrats to the hubby!!

Julia said...

Beautiful top! And congrats on sticking with gluten-free. I know at least one other person who doesn't have celiac, but feels loads better when eating gluten-free. I guess I am saying it's not so uncommon.

I actually tried to apply to be an NILMDS photographer earlier this year, and, after my local coordinator saw my portfolio and said that she was sure I'd get in, the national guys dragged their feet for weeks on end, and finally rejected me. I was not happy with how they handled this at all, and am still working up the nerve to write back to them about it. They are a good organization, and I felt I was ready to do good with them, but this process left me very disappointed. Hopefully your experience with them ends up being much better.

Aurelia said...

Glad it wasn't celiac just because that can be very difficult in the long run, and why buy trouble? But hey if avoiding it helps your diet, why not?