Thursday, August 06, 2009


What a nice word. Furlough.

While the public rants and raves about how much they spend in taxes...and my clients rant and rave because I don't have enough time to get to all their problems...I get an unpaid day off.

Five, actually.

I'm glad they're unhappy. Serves them all right.

And while my paycheck will be a little lighter, so will my daycare bill.

And...I get to sew today.

See ya later!


Shinny said...

So no coming to Wisconsin? Dang! Enjoy the sewing. Marjorie likes to dance on the dining room table while I am sewing. At least she isn't sticking her fingers under the needle, right? ;)

Michele said...

In PA, state workers have had to work without pay for quite a number of days. I just heard that the Gov signed something that will allow them to finally get a paycheck again but I cannot imagine what that is like.

Sorry for your unplanned vacation, but glad that you get some sewing time and together time. :)

Beruriah said...

The public are such jerks.

Hope they were a good 5 days, and get back to work, lady.

Shinny said...

Ok, so you are furloughed, so how come you don't have time to post something to entertain me?
Are you like me, get more work done at home then at your actually paying job? ;)
Hope it is going well and that the husband is working extra hours to cover you.
Hugs to the family from WI.

Holley said...

Me too but only for three days this year. Maybe more next year.

I'm looking forward to the mandated time off even though the pay check will be lighter.

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