Friday, July 03, 2009

Thank you Shinny!

The future of the old laptop is still in question. I hope it can be saved, because I had some GREAT shots from Cedar Point that I'd hate to lose.

The amazing Shinny came through with a few shots that I wanted to share so you wouldn't think I was making it all up in my head (I know you think I do that sometimes).

Myles after the poop incident. Yes, I was the mom walking her diaper-clad baby through the park after changing his poopy butt on a park bench. And yes, he walked around the rest of the day without pants. Don't judge was Steve's fault.

Sam on a mini kids version of the Tower of Power.

Myles and me on the merry-go-round...Myles' first official ride.

Sam entertaining the crowds with his snoopy dance. There is video somewhere...but this raises that ugly question of how much embarassment is too much for the kid of a blogger.

Sam on a train ride...he's having fun...really.

Cheesy smiles all around...

Proof the boy was there too.

It was a lovely time and Steve's already thinking we need to invade Shinny's house so we can visit their amusement park (Six Flags?). I'm not sure I'm ready for an 8 hour drive with this crew. Maybe if he drives and I take tranquilizers it just might work.


Shinny said...

I need to clarify that the date really was not in 2005. Catherine and I don't have our evil genius down that well, yet. ;) I am just not technologically savvy enough to figure out how to change the date on my camera every time it decides it likes 2005 better then 2009. So the date really was last weekend, whatever that date was. Oh right, June26, 27 and 28th. Since I bailed on the husband for our 5 year anniversary, you think I maybe could remember that one, eh?

Jelly-Filled said...

Those are great pics!