Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where I embarass everyone (without pictures)

It all started with my saying, "I need a serger," and Shinny offering to give me one. When I read that I thought, "Wow! She's crazy." Of course, a little crazy didn't stop me from then proceeding to make plans to meet up with her at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Hey...a serger is a serger...definitely worth risking the possibility of being hacked up into pieces.

So yeah...I met Shinny! And she is as awesome in person as she is in my magic computer world...actually...she's more awesome in person (and not just because she was willing to give me a serger).

It's always a balancing act when I take the family to these kinds of things. Sam's at the age where he doesn't quite want to go on the big kid rides and Myles isn't big enough to ride any rides. The Boy came with Shinny...with the express purpose of riding the big kid rides with my nice is that?!?! I hope he didn't think we were too lame (he's 15). Steve said, "The Boy isn't a man of many words." They apparently spent a good deal of time just staring at each other. lol! I do have proof that it was all an act though...

(insert goofy picture of The Boy here)

But thankfully, Shinny didn't mind entertaining Myles...A LOT...

(insert cute picture of Shinny and Myles)

And Sam was able to ride a bunch of little kid rides...

(insert cute pictures of Sam riding rides)

We did talk both Sam and Shiny onto a real "big" roller coaster...

(insert picture of Shinny, The Boy, Sam, and Steve on the Blue Streak roller coaster...Shinny is making a funny scared face)

Yeah...she looks terrified...but she survived...AND managed to not pee her

I came home to dogs out of their crates and my stash of "good yarn" tangled and tied up into a ginormous ball (apparently I need to be more specific with the petsitter as to how we manage our multi-dog household). No worries though...I am so stubborn that I have already invested several hours untangling and re-balling three of the skeins (I only had to resort to scissors once so far). Hopefully I can save it all...we shall see.

Drama from this trip includes leaving Myles' baby blanket at the Cedar Point hotel. Except, it isn't Myles' baby's the baby blanket I crocheted for Sam before he was born. One of the last coherent conversations I had with my grandma Ruby was about that blanket. I remember sitting on the couch in her living room stitching and chatting about crochet and babies. So much has changed since then...I'm really overly emotional about that blanket right now. Lost & Found says they're looking for it...but I'm not going to hold my breath because the fact is I don't have that kind of good luck.

And of course, now the additional drama of what appears to be the slow death of the home computer. (You didn't think I PLANNED this post to be this boring did you?) I was being all efficient and uploaded from my camera...planning to do this post...and the computer has decided to need a computer doctor. Pictures are currently inaccessible. I'm hoping somebody can retrieve them you know...I don't have that kind of good luck.


Shinny said...

I sure hope you can get that computer fixed. I can't wait to see the pictures of all of us from that day.
You didn't leave them on the camera when you downloaded them? I suppose, you took so darn many the memory card was probably full. You are a picture taking fool! ;) Can't wait for the pictures, got my fingers crossed that computer gets fixed and blanket is returned safely.
I can't believe Lost and Found hasn't found it yet, it has been 5 days.
Want me to call and give them hell? You know, your husband was way too nice to them on the phone on Sunday. ;)

Aurelia said...

I think that your computer repair person will be able to retrieve them just fine. I've only seen that get screwed up once when a massive lightening bolt hit an office and nothing was plugged into the powerbar, but into the wall instead.

So let's have a little hope, eh? ;)

Hennifer said...

I'm sorry about the blanket. I took my son's baby blanket (not handmade) with me to the hospital when my daughter was born and it was swept up in their stuff by mistake.

I was so devastated. I hope the hotel finds it.

DD said...

Any news on the blanket? Oh, I truly hope they find it.

Blogger meet ups, whether just 2 or 20, always make me envious as the one reading about it.

Enjoy that serger!

Shinny said...

You can add the pictures I sent you. Granted I will still be the mystery blogger but everyone else is documented. ;)