Monday, January 19, 2009

See you in the spring

The car was parked safely in the barn. The van, on its way into the barn, slid sideways on a sheet of ice and almost smacked into the side of the barn/garage door frame. That same sheet of ice makes it impossible to move the van from the place that it just spins its front wheel drive on the ice and goes nowhere. The tow truck refuses to come down the driveway for fear of getting stuck himself (wuss from AAA). The car remains safely tucked in the barn behind the van and has no other exit.

Anybody know when the spring thaw will be around here? We may not be able to get out before then.

A bucket of hot water and we were able to back it into the garage. The plow guy came and plowed and threw down some salt (and agreed the AAA guy was a wuss)...and we were good to go.


marcia said...

The AAA guy wouldn't come to your rescue? What a riot!! Depending on whether or not you both want to go to work tomorrow, call a friend with an SUV and a snap-strap, and you'll be outa there in no time! As for thaw, in our part of Michigan, they are saying it might get above freezing for a while on Thursday....but not sure how that transfers to your area bordering on a different Great Lake! Do you have some old movies that you were waiting for an excuse to watch? :)

kate said...

Oh, that's bad! At least our situation was tow-able...

WTF is it with this month?

Try an ice-pick?

marcia said...

So much for a family movie day....but glad you got out! :)