Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let's hear it for a new year

The littlest cat is in a crate as punishment for a non-provoked attack on the oldest dog.

The six year old boy is taking a nap as punishment for lying to me about jumping on the couch (yes, I SAW you in the reflection of the computer monitor).

The one year old boy is taking a nap because I can't stand his screaming anymore.

I wonder how many times a day I say "no."

I'm kind of disappointed about the nap for lying because I was hoping Sam and I could finally decorate our gingerbread house (and yeah...the lying part sucks too).

I'm out of coffee creamer and have zero interesting prospects for lunch.

It's 1pm, I have cramps, and I am still in need of a shower.

How's this for poetic justice? The one year old screamed at the six year old until they both fell asleep. ha!

The husband's car cost us "about $900" to replace the clutch (on the plus side, there is very little on that car that has not now been replaced).

Last night, the husband said to me, "So, have you made any big plans for us for New Year's Eve?" I responded with, "You know, it wouldn't kill YOU to take care of things for once and say...Hey Cath, I have a wonderful evening planned for us..." When he looked stunned, I said, "I know, I know...and I haven't even been drinking!"

I still have to get to the grocery store to buy supplies for tonight's traditional New Year's fondue dinner.

Happy New Year!

My New Year's resolutions
~not pay full retail price for anything...sales and coupons only (with the exception of milk...cause baby has to have it and it's not an item I can stockpile).
~eat better. Fast food/eating out will be limited to once a week.
~exercise (of course).
~donate $1 per day to the UNICEF I Believe in Zero campaign. No child should ever die from a preventable cause.
~stay up to date with the MOM Project bracelets.
~try to blog about an interesting charitable cause each week on this blog.
~crochet more...and I will finish and deliver the afghan for a friend I've been working on for two years.
~do better at staying in touch with friends and family. Even if it's just an email to say hi. I will also invite people over to the house. Maybe dinner. Or weekend get-togethers.
~scrapbook a page a week.
~read every night before bed.
~take pictures of the boys at least once a week.
~worry less.
~express more patience with everyone and not say so many unkind things to my husband.

I think it's all do-able. But first I have to start with that shower...and some advil. Did I tell you I have cramps? and a headache? and I fell down the stairs on Christmas Eve and am bruised and sore in odd places?

May you have wonderful New Year's celebrations!

See ya in 2009!


Stephanie said...

"finish and deliver"....does that mean said friend can expect a visit??

If said friend is someone I know she is going to be VERY VERY happy to hear that!! ;)

I love your resolutions. I may even need to adopt one or two of those myself.

Enjoy the peace of the naptime....

Melissa said...

I don't know if you are particular about your milk but Walgreen's usually has milk for 2/$5 but their normal price is $2.79. At least mine is. I know Kroger (my other grocery store) sometimes has sales on it but their normal price is $3.19. Soooo..if you have a Walgreen's close, it might turn out to be a deal!

Hedda said...

Did you know you can freeze milk? I don't know if you have a lot of room in the freezer, but it's a thought.

Good luck with the resolutions.