Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Blog review

The first line from the first post of each month this year...

January : (Started with this meme, so I'm going with the first real post.)
Awake and wishing I were sleeping from 1:30 to 4am.

February : Apparently I'm still a beginner at this stuff.

March : I was reading over at sweet|salty and love this comment..."What does it matter, this grand scheme of things?"

April : Sam: Mommy, is today April first?

May : I'm tired.

June : (Started with Secret Pal questionaires, so I'm going with the first real post)
The lawnmower is broken and the lawn is a veritable jungle complete with its own wildlife population.

July : Congratulations to Brenda and Scott!!!

August : The infant carrier was replaced today by a convertible carseat.

September : Let's get something straight.

October : Today's mail has buoyed my spirits regarding our house/landfill situation.

November : Dropped the phone in the toilet...the baby's phone.

December : I just got "that" look from Myles...the one I've seen a million times on Sam's face...the one that says, "Who me?!?! I'm not doing anything bad...I promise."

Not a bad year. In fact, I think I would venture to say it was a GOOD year. Uh-oh...I'm going to get all misty-eyed and nostalgiac here.

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marcia said...

"I think I would venture to say it was a GOOD year."
So wonderful to read!
And may that continue in 2009 for you and your family!
Happy New Year, Catherine!