Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I shouldn't watch TV

We watched the last of our DVRd episodes of Las Vegas (NBC) last night. We had heard the show was canceled without a real conclusion/wrap-up/finale, so we were intrigued to see "the end."

Now I am...I don't know...disturbed.

Seven months pregnant, Delinda doubles over in pain, says the ever-popular-made-for-tv-line, "Something's wrong...the baby...", sees blood, looks up to see a blurry vision of her fiance, calls his name, and...


to be continued

And that's it. That's where they're going to leave it. Forever.

I had nightmares last night. (sigh)


Em said...

Catherine I so agree with you about the show's ending! Even if I weren't pregnant- you can't leave people hanging over a mom and a baby! What IS that?! But I hadn't heard the show was cancelled. Surely not! What about Tom Selleck (how is that man cuter now than ever?) and his mysterious plane crash? They must answer these questions! I'm off on a search to see what I can turn up about the show's fate now.
Thanks for the well wishes!

Aurelia said...